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January 20, 2014

Readers' Forum 1-20 | Few drivers understand how to yield

JOHNSTOWN — The vast majority of drivers getting onto the Route 56 Bypass from Bedford Street in downtown Johnstown, Dale Borough, Widman Street and Walters Avenue don’t do what they are supposed to do – yield.

These drivers aren’t thinking about the safety of the people in cars who are already on the bypass. These drivers just come right out, forcing the driver already on the bypass to move over into the passing lane or hit the brakes in order to avoid a collision.

It’s obvious these drivers entering the bypass no intention of yielding, or they don’t know what the word yield means.

I’ve been a driver on the bypass way too many times where I’ve been forced over into the passing lane, barely missing a collision with a car that is already in the passing lane, or have had to hit my brakes, having the driver behind me nearly hit me from behind.

To all you drivers getting on the bypass, that yield sign is for you, not me. And know this, too, I’m not going to yield to you and put my life or the life of others in jeopardy because of your ignorance.

The next time you’re on the entrance ramp, remember this: The safety and life of the drivers who are already on the bypass is in your hands.

Patti Carbone


Regarding wages, Obama knows best

Aunt Sally was discussing the logic of minimum wage while sipping tea with her Uncle Sam.

Sam, a limousine liberal, said, “Since the federal government has imposed a minimum wage, it should also set a federal minimum tip. Why should the patron, the person being served, get to decide how much to tip their server?

“Service is service,” he continued. “Take the discretion out of it. Why should some servers get large tips while others may not do as well?

“It’s simple economic justice for workers. The law will boost economic activity, demand and overall employment. And it will give workers more money to spend, helping the economy.”

Aunt Sally asked, “So a boss shouldn’t get to decide who deserves a raise? Raise the minimum wage so the person who just got a raise for doing a good job will now be making minimum wage again, same as a new hire or person who doesn’t care.”

Sam responded: “Don’t be so mean spirited. You know an owner won’t raise an employee’s wage without a union just because they’re doing a good job and helping the business grow.  

“We know for a fact that an employer won’t raise a person’s wage to keep them, because academic progressives say, ‘all an employer wants to do is lower wages.’ It’s a race to the bottom.”

So the same must be true for other consumers, right? Why should you decide how deserving your service has been when Obama knows best?

Agree or you’re a racist.

Richard Gregory


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