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January 19, 2014

Readers' Forum 1-19 | Don't condemn because you're confused

JOHNSTOWN — Nancy Coleman, I understand your confusion (“Can’t pigeonhole all constituents,” Readers’ Forum, Jan. 16).

Although I see cohesion in your decree of liberal lesbianism, I become confused when you throw in nontheist and Quaker. Either you believe in a God or you don’t. Don’t hide behind the liberal, whatever-I–want-it-to-mean “nontheist” term. Decide what you believe.

Quakers are still considered a Christian denomination with the same rattles and aches of any other religion, including ambiguity of how to treat women.

People are people – there are good ones and not so good ones. Romans used to feed Christians to lions for entertainment. That has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with fear.

The headline on your letter is “Can’t pigeonhole all constituents,” yet you do just that to Christians. I am a Christian, and I also believe strongly in science, reason and, most certainly, common sense. A branch of Christianity called apologetics melds science and faith beliefs. Look into it.

And what does a woman having more babies than she can support have to do with reason or common sense? Can’t say as I think the Quakers would condone that.

Religious tolerance is what this still great country was founded on. That is what it should continue to be proud of.

The fact that most of the founding population was of some Christian faction is historical fact. Condemning the Christian faction because you are confused is no better than your claim that the “conservative right” will stone you at the city gates.

Diane Beyer

King George, Va., formerly of Portage

Is council really listening to people?

I’ve been attending Johnstown City Council meetings and am wondering why attendance is so poor.

It is because there is no feedback from council regarding the peoples’ concerns.

Granted, you can speak if you get on the agenda the Friday before the meeting. That allows you five minutes to present your concerns. After you read your presentation, you sit and council moves on to the next item. There are no comments, questions or feedback regarding what you just spoke about.

If you’re not on the agenda, you must sit idle, listen and leave when the meeting is adjourned. There is no other opportunity to speak, no open forum for the people.

I’ve researched how surrounding communities conduct their board/council meetings. The municipalities I contacted all allow public participation, whether it’s signing in as you enter the meeting or raising your hand at the end of the meeting or sending written concerns a week prior to the meeting. People are allowed to speak and they get a response. If the issue is complex and needs to be researched, this is stated, and at the next meeting, it’s addressed.

I commend Westmont, Nanty Glo, Southmont, Ferndale and Somerset boroughs and Richland, Conemaugh Township and Lower Yoder townships for listening to and responding to their residents.  

What better way to know peoples’ concerns and solve problems than by communication?

I am pleading with City Council to consider the above. Talk to the people. Let’s all work together to make Johnstown a better place.

Charlene Stanton



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