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January 22, 2014

Readers' Forum 1-22 | Criminals have more rights than victims

JOHNSTOWN — Convicted killer Dennis McGuire of Ohio was executed last week using an untried drug cocktail consisting of hydromorphone (one of the strongest synthetic narcotics available on the market) and a sedative.

In 1989, he kidnapped, raped and brutally stabbed to death Joy Stewart, a

22-year-old, newly married woman who was 30 weeks pregnant with her first baby. His lawyer is screaming cruel, inhumane and unusual punishment as it took him

25 minutes to die as he snorted a few times and gasped for air.

I imagine after his injection(s) he went into a deep narcotic sleep and does not remember a thing. Quite a peaceful way to go in comparison to the cruel and unusual punishment he inflicted on this young mother and her baby.

As far as execution punishments go, does it really matter if it is by firing squad, electrocution, the gas chamber, hanging or an untested lethal injection? Do I believe that capital punishment is right? That’s not the point. The victim suffered much more by McGuire’s hand than she ever deserved. The family of the deceased is now suing Ohio and quite possibly may receive some money.

What has our country become when criminals have more rights than taxpaying citizens? Thumbs up to Thomas Madden, assistant attorney general, who argued that “the U.S. Constitution does not entitle you to a pain-free execution.”

Steve Knaze II


Handbook discredits Christianity, God

The gay handbook, “After the Ball,” urges activists to discredit Christianity. An example is Phil Robertson’s suspension from “Duck Dynasty” for correctly saying that homosexuality is sinful.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) labeled Robertson a bigot. If so, God is a bigot. Immature Christians’ political correctness, revision of Scripture and misguided compassion encourages sexual sin.

Truth needs to confront the lies. Religious liberty needs to be safeguarded.

The gay political platform supported bestiality and pedophilia for decades. View a big-city gay pride parade to see the full range of rights championed.

Recently, activists sanitized their rhetoric to push wrong-headed “marriage equality” saying that love is love. Agape is selfless love; philo is brotherly love; and eros – sexual love, should be between a man and a woman within marriage, the Scripture says. Same-sex marriage is neither morally nor physically equal.

Homosexuality is misdirected lust. Studies show it is developed, not genetic. Acting on it is a choice. Politics, not science, removed it from the American Psychological Association’s list of disorders.

Consequences for legitimizing homosexuality include decent people being misled into identifying themselves as gay, student indoctrination mistakenly teaching homosexuality as normal, citizens opposed to homosexuality suffering hate crime prosecution and discrimination, and HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases causing untold suffering and expense.

Activists want to deny people with unwanted same-sex attractions the right to seek help. Restored Hope Network showcases effective, compassionate ministries and therapies serving those with same-sex attractions. I am honored to have met many who have received help.

Gale Bala


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