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January 25, 2014

Readers' Forum 1-25 | Courtesy while driving also imperative

JOHNSTOWN — In response to the Readers’ Forum letter  by Patti Carbone on Jan. 20, “Few drivers understand how to yield,” I agree. Drivers using an on-ramp to access a highway are to yield to oncoming traffic.

There is also an opportunity for drivers already on the highway to extend a courtesy to those on the ramp by looking ahead, seeing the vehicle on the ramp, then looking beside and behind to determine if it is clear and safe to move to the passing lane. Many times there is ample room to do so. This scenario occurs anywhere there are on-ramps.

This simple gesture of foresightedness and proaction goes a long way toward maintaining a smoother flow of traffic for all.

Perhaps Carbone should “know this” (her words): A little courtesy goes a long way.

Bob Gherrity


Land of opportunity for whom?

Life in the land of opportunity is not what it used to be for many Americans. It has become a place of record-setting profits for corporations that have not translated into increased compensation for workers or even enough jobs for the millions of unemployed Americans.

It’s where the wealthiest citizens often have lower effective income-tax rates than many in the middle class; where those responsible for the financial crash received bloated bonuses and were rescued by government bailouts even as ordinary taxpayers received nothing but foreclosure notices, upside-down mortgages and pink slips in return.

Money talks and our politicians listen. It’s more lucrative to make the rules of the game (or influence those who do) than it is to break them.

The rich/corporations supported by Republican/tea party/conservatives have rigged the economic and political rules in their favor, producing a system that is increasingly unfair to most Americans.

The partisan narratives simply divide and distract us. What’s good for Wall Street and those who run it isn’t good for Americans.

Regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation, we are steadily losing ground to the wealthy and being victimized. We can either passively accept more of the same – and a future of diminished horizons for our children – or we can remove the rule makers from office.

Demand cooperation in Congress, fairness and a better deal with a single voice.

Gary Schetromp


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