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February 2, 2014

Readers' Forum 2-2 | Stand together and fight Obamacare

JOHNSTOWN — President Obama and his liberal minions have been caught in yet another lie. Recently, the administration claimed that more than 4 million people have enrolled in Medicaid through Obamacare when, in actuality, there was less than 380,000.

How many more lies, Mr. President?

Does he think Americans are still listening? With an approval rating of 39 percent, he might want to consider doing something else.

There have been more than twice as many health care plans that have been dropped due to Obamacare than have been added. Obamacare, excuse me, the Affordable Care Act, is Obama’s major accomplishment. Millions of Americans, including cancer patients who have been denied treatment, have had their old plans canceled and have been forced to buy Obamacare.

Is this what Obama wants? When will it end? Will Obamacare be repealed? I think so.

South Carolina was the first state to outlaw Obamacare, with Georgia and Tennessee following. We need a total repeal since the law is failing. How much more do the Democrats need to see to realize it needs to be removed?

We cannot be quiet any longer. We must fight alongside our elected officials, for then, and only then, will we win. This is our duty and God-given right as Americans. If we do not agree with something, instead of complaining, get up and fight back. We must come together, stand tall and raise our voices. If we do, Washington would not dare neglect us.

Who is with me? Who will join the fight?                                           

Kyle Coddington


Smoking in VFWs a matter of choice

This letter is in response to Thomas Sabo’s outrageous article of Jan. 24, “Are VFWs promoting slow form of suicide?” That’s like saying he’s a killer because he writes with a poison pen.

The mere definition of suicide is to intentionally harm one’s self, voluntarily.

Pennsylvania law does not prohibit smoking in these facilities, so it is an individual’s right to smoke if he or she so chooses. It’s also an individual’s right to leave an establishment if he or she doesn’t want to inhale secondhand smoke.

It’s one of the many rights that members of the VFW fought to protect – freedom of choice.

The VFW is an honorable organization that promotes veterans and many worthwhile charities. They perform rituals for service members who have passed, collect toys and monetary donations for the Toys for Tot program, hold motorcycle benefits for veterans homes, help with distressed families that live within their areas and the list goes on and on.

I dare Sabo to tell a parent, spouse or child of a Korean, Vietnam or Iraqi veteran that his or her loved one who was killed, disabled or just didn’t come home the same way they left, that these were not wars.

I suggest that Sabo continue to visit the VFWs in Maryland. That’s his choice, and I’m sure the VFWs here will gladly applaud his decision.

Leann Cruise

Air Force veteran


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