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February 10, 2014

Readers' Forum 2-10 | It's privacy or security, but not both

JOHNSTOWN — The recent activity of the National Security Agency has obviously become a controversial topic. People feel violated by the breech of their privacy, which is supposedly guaranteed to us in the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

The Fourth Amendment guarantees one’s right against unlawful searches and seizures, but it doesn’t specifically give one a right to privacy.

Although others may argue that privacy is in fact guaranteed in the Constitution, modern technology and advances make it nearly impossible to lead a private life. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, all of these social media sites and others have taken over and have all but annihilated the idea of privacy. Even though the existence of social media has largely destroyed privacy, people are still upset about the actions of the NSA. It doesn’t seem to cross their minds that they are willingly giving out private information on a daily basis.

All of this poses a question: Do we want privacy or security? We can’t have both.

We don’t know how many incidents have been avoided because of the NSA, yet we are all ignorant to the idea that the NSA’s actions have done some good. We all want our privacy until we want our security. We can’t have our security if we have privacy, yet we can’t expect security if we have privacy. It is one or the other, and compromise is not foreseeable.

Sydney Flick


State of Union all about I, not we

I guess you all watched the state of disunion address? President Obama couldn’t care less about the state of the union or the people he swore to serve.

This speech was about what he wanted, not what this country needs. Obama is not self-employed. The country does not need Obamacare and it is not part of the state of the union.

Obama does not work well with others. He doesn’t like the U.S. House because they, unlike the U.S. Senate, will question and not go blindly along.

There is no such thing as economic equality. Poor people don’t hire other poor people to work for them. If they did, they wouldn’t be poor people. Sometimes rich people become poor people and poor people become rich people.

Obama must be still smoking that pot he keeps talking about. Every economic policy of his either cost jobs or increased taxes. This administration’s corruption and total incompetence has broken this country, and it needs to be repaired. The whole speech was about Obama and what he is going to do or threaten to do.

His ideology is paramount above all else, the country is secondary. Liberal philosophy is poisonous. It is self-centered immorality. How can you lead when you only divide.

He says this is the year of action. The only action I want him to take is leave office now.

Ron Marol


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