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February 11, 2014

Readers' Forum 2-11 | Corbett guiding irresponsible government

JOHNSTOWN — Approximately 35 years ago, two race car drivers modified a standard six-cylinder engine to be able to get 60 mpg of gasoline. They asked the media to go for a ride to verify, which they did.

The media asked the men if this invention would go on the shelf or be passed on to the public.

The men said it would go public, but nobody ever heard of it again.

Our worthless government left Big Oil buy it out.

We now have a governor, Tom Corbett, who does not care for the people of Pennsylvania. Our state has a liquor control board to handle sales and profits from liquor that goes to senior citizens and needy people of Pennsylvania. Corbett wants to give it away to individuals to put the profits in their pockets.

We have a state lottery system that generates millions of dollars for the people of Pennsylvania. Corbett wants to send it to Britain, where they will make millions on it, tax free.

Yes, Corbett temporarily dropped the subject until after election, at which time he will renew his efforts to send it overseas if he is re-elected.

We the people have to see to it that Corbett is not re-elected.

I do not understand why our highly paid senators and representatives won’t step in to stop these two giveaways. Please help make a change on Election Day.

Bill Kulback

Geistown Borough

Keep homosexuality out of Olympics

I’m glad to see Thomas Bach, president of the Winter Olympics, speak out on the politicians who are injecting politics in Russia.

We know President Obama and his liberal leaders in Europe are pushing the homosexual issue, too. It’s none of their business.

Obama did enough damage to our military by letting homosexuals practice their lifestyle in the armed forces. We had this problem in World War II, but discharged any soldier who practiced the gay lifestyle while in the military.

We were the “Greatest Generation” in this country, because we loved our God and respected our military and our country.

Obama is not a Christian man. He and President Clinton disgraced this country and did enough damage that now they are not respected by people all over this country and our allies in Europe.

Stephen Sakmar


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