The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

February 13, 2014

Readers' Forum 2-13 | Why Democrats fear a voter ID law

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — I was very surprised to see the York Dispatch rail against voter ID (“Allow voter ID to fade away,” Jan. 27). I hope Governor Corbett appeals the ruling and keeps plugging for it.

Most folks probably know why the Democrats don’t want any part of it. If there was voter ID, the Democrats would lose a lot of votes, mostly from dead people, and they would win far fewer elections.

The worn-out line of obtaining a photo ID being a hardship to minorities and elderly is a line of bull. I am white and will soon be a minority, and I am also elderly, but I have no problem with it at all.

What is sorely needed in this country is a minority of liberal Democrats. That, of course, won’t happen as long as there are so many losers dependent on taxpayers for their existence.

Once the amnesty bill passes, and it eventually will, there will be a lot more Democrat voters. I suspect a lot of them already live from the public trough.

On another subject, you may already have seen the biggest pack of lies since the Clinton era when President Obama gave his State of the Union message. I don’t watch it because I can’t stand the sight of the man, and even less his wife. They are a scourge on this country that I fear we will never recover from. Being old is a blessing for I won’t be around for the full extent of this country’s destruction.

Chuck Cordoro


Witnesses, driver should do right thing

My daughter was involved in a traffic accident on Feb. 8 at around 10:30 p.m. at Theatre Drive and Scalp Avenue in Richland Township.

Apparently, a greenish van traveling down Theatre Drive went through a red light while attempting to turn right onto Scalp Avenue, at the same time my daughter and another vehicle were traveling through their green light on Scalp Avenue toward Ollie’s.

The van went between my daughter’s vehicle and the other vehicle, which swerved into the center turning lane to avoid being hit. The van hit the front driver’s side of my daughter’s vehicle, pushing it into a snowbank, then took off without stopping.

Worse yet, the vehicle that had to swerve into the turning lane left the scene as well as a vehicle behind my daughter that simply drove around her and left her there.

Thankfully, she was not injured. However, the two witnesses to this incident should come forward so the police report can be completed.

Also, the driver of the van should come forward as well.

Prove that there are still decent, law-abiding citizens in this town. Step up and do the right thing.

Mark Sauro Sr.


Insist on action for state dog laws

In Pennsylvania, many dogs are tied outside. A dog can spend hours unable to reach food, water or shelter, even when it’s made available to it, because its chain is tangled.

They are subjected to extreme temperatures often with insufficient shelter or shade. Dogs that live in such conditions are forced to eat, sleep and relieve themselves in the same small area day after day, year after year.

In the more severe cases of neglect, dogs have ended up with their collars embedded into their necks. The dogs wear the same coat all year – hot in summer, cold in winter.

This cruel and inhumane treatment of a pet is permissible only due to Pennsylvania’s archaic and outdated dog laws.

A recent poll showed that 93 percent of Pennsylvania residents wanted the laws updated for more humane treatment of companion animals – dogs and cats.

Some state legislators listened and submitted Senate Bill 522 (introduced by 15 senators) and House Bill 41 (introduced by 27 representatives). You can get a copy of these bills from your legislators or from the Internet at

 The bills are different in some ways, but both include necessary changes. They limit the time dogs can be chained outside and also limit the type of weather conditions that tethered dogs must endure.

Both bills have been in committee for over a year. Please contact your state senator or representative and ask to have the bills voted on.

And remember their response come the next election.

Sid Miller

New Paris