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June 16, 2013

Readers' Forum 6-16 | And a little child shall lead them

JOHNSTOWN — After Easter, a little girl named Emily came to the St. Andrew Food Pantry on Franklin Street. She looked like a little princess.

In her hand, she had a box of canned goods she had collected. She said she wanted to do something for the poor. In the box were almost 50 cans of food ranging from tuna to soup.

She said she was happy to do that, and she would do it again.

The food pantry wants to thank you, Emily.

Emily is 9 years old.

Grace Lux

St. Andrew Food Pantry

Are we our own worst enemy?

The movie “V for Vendetta” showed a futuristic England with a Big Brother-type government. Anybody not conforming to the new agenda was subjected to torture, experimentation and eventual death in many cases.

A survivor made a profound statement: “People should not be afraid of their government; rather government should be afraid of their people.”

The recent revelations by Edward Snowden of the far-reaching invasion of privacy by the National Security Agency have made many fearful that our government is becoming the Big Brother stereotyped in George Orwell’s book, “1984.”

History has shown how the German people allowed Adolf Hitler to take away their liberties on the premise that, by doing so, they were made safer from their enemies. Instead, they were condemning themselves to a fate much worse.

We must not allow our government to seduce us like the German people were. Only insiders such as Snowden are able to reveal such things since the government has such an appetite to classify everything that it doesn’t want the public to know as top secret.

America is at a crossroads, and we must be vigilant that we take the path of reining in a government that is recklessly determined to take away our liberties. Perhaps Pogo, the comic-strip character, was right when he said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

George Merrits


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Tackling the area's drug problem.
Controlling folks moving into city housing.
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Tougher sentencing by the court system.
More police on the streets.

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