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June 17, 2013

Readers' Forum 6-17 | Letter writers should expect rebuttals

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — To address Nat Boscola’s letter published June 10 (“Cable news provides worthy facts and state”), he shouldn’t feel as though he is being picking on. Anytime anyone puts a letter in Readers’ Forum, that person can expect a rebuttal. Every letter writer should know this, especially when it comes to polls.

Polls don’t represent 100 percent of the people. People who respond to pollsters usually are trying to prove their own way of thinking. If you poll 10 people and nine of them vote your way, that’s 90 percent.

As far as TV goes, you can’t believe everything you hear. That’s not facts. Everyone thinks differently. We are all brainwashed from the day we’re born. It all depends on how we’re brought up.

The way Boscola thinks, if I cut myself with a knife, it’s the knife’s fault.

I don’t believe anything I hear and half of what I see.

In this country, we can’t even get 90 percent of the people out to vote. If you believe these polls to be true, then I know a man selling swamp land in Florida you might be interested in talking to.

I suggest everyone read our Constitution. A lot of people died defending this peace of paper. Veterans are fighting for it right now.

We the people will end up with a worthless piece of paper if we allow certain politicians to interpret our Constitution to suit themselves.

A certain Russian president once stated, “We won’t have to destroy you, you will destroy yourselves.”

So see, it’s all up to us.

Ken Buck

Stonycreek Township

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