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June 30, 2013

Readers' Forum 6-30 | Who are Thunder’s ‘undesirables’?

Submitted by Readers

— I am writing in response to the June 26 Readers’ Forum letter from Renee Hale titled “Thunder a pox upon Johnstown.”

I was born, raised and lived in Johnstown until I was 24 years old.

I have returned for Thunder festivities several times. I have had family from out of state return to Johnstown since Thunder in the Valley first began. No one in my family owns a motorcycle. Do you consider us “undesirables” when we come to this “disgraceful” event year after year?

Thank you for clarifying.

Dan Horvath

Arlington, Va.

Let people have voice on global warming

The president used some creative editing of facts to rationalize the exclusion of  Congress (the voice of the people) in his attempt to “control climate change” by using presidential executive orders and the heavy hand of the Environmental Protection Agency to implement his vision of energy production in America.

He stated two of the warmest years on record occurred in the past decade, although he did not state that there was no observable average warming during the past 15 years.

He also mentioned water temperature increases, but did not state that the readings were taken in an area above an active underwater volcano.

Antarctic sea ice is often used to demonstrate “climate change” but is highly variable and was increased up to 30 percent in 2010 versus 1980.

Why were we not concerned over the coming of a new ice age?

He also didn’t mention the continuing instances of scientific fraud among climate scientists who disregard data that contradict their hypotheses of climate change and threaten their careers.

Before we naively submit to tyrannical presidential decrees that affect our lives by increasing costs of living, damaging the economy and losing jobs, don’t you agree we should have a say by debating the matter in the people’s legislature?

Robert Troxell


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