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November 26, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-26 | Why work? Government pays for everything

Submitted by Readers

— America is broke. Our states are broke. Our counties are broke. Our cities are broke. Yet it seems no one is concerned. In Barack Obama’s first four years in office, many millions of people were placed on entitlement programs, which are defined as beliefs that one is deserving or entitled to government handouts.

Let’s face it, this is why Obama was re-elected. Why would the 50 million people receiving government handouts and the 50 percent of Americans paying no taxes vote against him? When I go shopping, it seems like I’m the only one paying for what I buy – everyone else is using an Access card.

Mitt Romney promised to put America back to work, creating up to a million jobs per month, as Ronald Reagan did during the 1980s.

Why would anyone want to work when the government is paying his or her way?

After eight years of Ed Rendell raising virtually every tax on the books, Tom Corbett is constantly attacked for cutting spending with no tax increases. With the attitude of people today, Corbett will have a tough time being re-elected as Philadelphia will also control the governor’s race in 2014.

Recently, I saw a large sign on the back of a coal truck that stated, “Welfare is not a career.” Sad to say, in America, it has come to just that.

Certainly, the president’s legacy will be, “Barack Obama broke America.”

We’re in real trouble.

John R. Skubak


Kudos to special child-care program

Kudos to the Epilepsy Foundation Western/Central Pennsylvania and Lee Initiatives Inc. for holding the special child-special care conference for parents Nov. 17 at the Holiday Inn.

Cindy Novak


What David saw continues in our world

Reading Psalm 73, you sense that David suffered disillusionment because the corrupt and wicked before God seemed to succeed without the troubles he experienced despite walking righteously before God. David became envious at the prosperity of those who “set their mouths against heaven,” speaking wickedly against God, whom they had no regard for.

David lamented for “cleansing his heart in vain,” that the wicked became fat and wealthy while he was beset by troubles.

What we see in America today parallels what David experienced. We see a corrupt president who lies pathologically succeed, has no regard for innocent life (abortion), who allowed four American heroes to die, denying them help, and now, unrestrained, working against freedoms he said he’d never do prior to re-election. He is surrounded by godless Marxists and contemptuously ignores our founding principles.

Sadly, much of Washington fits this same mold. Sadder still, the reason for his success: An “able-bodied” electorate prostituted for trinkets (free contraception, welfare, food stamps, easy disability, free cellphones/Internet, lifetime unemployment benefits) – rewards without responsibility.

David experienced pain as he watched such a society until he went into God’s sanctuary and then he understood the end of the wicked. Surely God did set them in slippery places: God casts them down to destruction. Society ignores God (Demo-crat convention) but at great peril and cost.

Jesus asks us: “What will a man give in exchange for his soul?” For many: Their vote.

Barry W. Billings


Do you realize what is to come with Obama?

The misinformed diehard liberals, welfare and food stamp crowd, as well as the rest of the nonproducers and parasites of the country have won the day, or at least they think they have.

The sad part is they have no idea what’s coming. I bet they don’t know that the first class of Obama’s private army just graduated or that homeland security had purchased hundreds of armored battle vehicles. They have also bought millions of rounds of ammunition.

Now, I ask you bright stars of Obama land, just what do you think all that is for? President Obama has signed on to the United Nations’ Agenda 21. This is the first step that will end up with Obama’s little army coming for your guns.

I would say most of the population will meekly hand them over. However, there will be quite a few wannabe John Waynes who might think otherwise. They will make for a good scrap, but in the end we all will be living under socialism and an Obama dictatorship.

Health care will be rationed, other people’s money will dry up and the parasites will riot when their freebies dry up. Then, my poor, uninformed friends, we will all be sitting in the ashes of Obama’s America.

My last few years on this earth should be very interesting.

I have some beans and water stashed. I hope the rest of you do, too.

Chuck Cordoro


Good job, students at Central Cambria

Thank you for publishing the Central Cambria students’ letters on Nov. 18. I read each one out loud to my mother, and we commented on each one.

Good job, students and The Tribune-Democrat.

Samson Gruss


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