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December 11, 2012

Readers' Forum 12-11 | Act of kindness leaves vet shocked, humbled

Submitted by Readers

— On Dec. 5, I was leaving the Johnstown Post Office on Franklin Street after waiting a normal 10 minutes to mail three packages/letters.

I came out to my car and – would you believe it? – I had an ugly $10 parking ticket affixed to my windshield.

In disgust, I took it off of my windshield, mumbling as I usually do.

I looked up and a young woman exited a car parked behind me. She handed me a $20 bill and said, “Thank you for serving.”

She must have noticed my veteran’s license plate.

I was shocked and humbled. I hope I had the presence of mind to say thank you for her kindness.

Unfortunately, I was not able to obtain her name.

Thank you, lovely lady, and be assured your random act of kindness will be “paid forward.”

George “Jud” Higgins


Firemen commended on quick response

On Dec. 2, we were watching the Steelers game with friends when we received a phone call that there was a kitchen fire in the apartment above ours in the 700 block of Park Avenue in Moxham.

There are few things worse than turning onto your street and seeing two fire engines in front of your residence – especially since three houses were destroyed on Thanksgiving night less than two blocks away.

The fire started in the second-floor apartment due to an unattended stove.

Thank God there was minimal damage; mostly smoke and some water.

The outcome could have been much worse for the three families residing in our building.

We commend the Johnstown Fire Department for its prompt response in arriving and getting the fire under control.

Our firefighters do not know when they respond to a call what they will encounter. It could be as devastating as the Coleman Avenue fire, or as minor as the one we experienced.

Thank you just doesn’t seem sufficient enough to express our gratitude. But we just wanted to voice our appreciation for our firefighters.

Jim and Carol Hall


PSU’s Maxwell award reflection on Paterno

I am pleased that the Maxwell Football Club has chosen to honor the Nittany Lions’ senior football players with its Thomas Brookshier Spirit Award.

Most of the media figured this team would be lucky to win three or four games.

Most are now treating this eight-win season as a miracle of biblical proportions.

Ron Jaworski, Maxwell club president, said he was astonished by the performances of these Nittany Lions. Many Penn State alumni, including me, were not the least bit surprised.


These players were recruited and coached by Joe Paterno – the same man who consistently turned out similar young men each year.

Ironically, this is the same man who had his name removed from the Maxwell Coach of the Year Award in November 2011.

Much like the Big Ten Conference, the Maxwell Football Club rushed to judgment without the benefit of due process.

During the upcoming awards ceremony, Paterno should be given some credit for this team’s amazing performance.

How could the Maxwell club best honor these Nittany Lions on March 1?

By announcing that Paterno’s name rightfully is being restored on the Coach of the Year Award.

Thomas M. Bradley


Giving the president advice on leadership

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin recently said that excuses are tools for the incompetent. You never hear coaches blaming their team’s previous coaches when they lose a game. Did you ever hear a coach say that we could win these games if the officials would take points from the other team and give them to us? The fans would run the coaches out of town.

So why are those same excuses acceptable when President Obama uses them? After nearly four years in office, Obama is still blaming George W. Bush for the falling economy.

Obama’s other favorite excuse is that he can’t fix the economy unless the rich pay more in taxes. Obama is essentially saying that he is incapable of lifting people up; he can only bring others down.

If you are a person who is hoping the rich pay more in taxes for you to get ahead, you are as incompetent as Obama. Every day in America, people from all walks of life lift themselves up. Why can’t you?

The answer is because you let Obama convince you that you need him.

Leaders are people who take ownership of what happens during their time as the person in charge. And they have the ability to get people to better themselves through example.

Don’t let Obama keep or bring you down. He will make you a sorry excuse for a follower because he is a sorry excuse for a leader.

Kevin Sheehan


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