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July 12, 2013

Readers' Forum 7-12 | Minersville playground neglected by city

Submitted by Readers

— This letter is written out of frustration with the city of Johnstown’s Public Works Department.

Last summer, it took three phone calls and a visit to City Hall to have the Minersville playground cleaned and the grass cut. When the very high grass was cut, it was left there to turn brown and look unsightly.

In late summer, after I made more calls and made a trip to the city manager’s office, public works employees cleaned up quite a bit of limbs, brush and trash.

But debris has been on the playground through the fall and winter and is still there. What do the people of Minersville have to do to get this area taken care of?

Residents pay their taxes, keep their properties nice, but are continually ignored by city officials.

Last week, the Alternative Community Resource Program sent a work group to cut grass, which was greatly appreciated. However, brush and trash remain.

What a pity that the neighborhood I grew up in and where my mother still resides is so neglected by the city.

Annette Sinosky


Combine grades, get rid of Hilltop school

Do we really need to put $6 million to $10 million in the Westmont Middle School? The population in Westmont and surrounding area has been decreasing over the past few years.

Sell the middle school and grounds. Move the football field to the high school, where it belongs. Just move two grades to the grade school (fifth- and sixth-graders) and two to the high school (seventh- and eighth-graders). This will save the taxpayers money.

I’m sure there is ample room in those two schools. You would still need the teachers from the middle school, so no teaching jobs would be lost.

James R. Mirabile



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