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January 14, 2014

Readers' Forum 1-14 | 'Reaganomics' also trickle-down economics

JOHNSTOWN — Thomas Sowell’s opinion column regarding the myth of trickle-down economics, “Politics biggest whopper: trickle-down economics,” is spot-on as far as exposing the lack of truth about this theory.

Sowell’s focus on defending the right against those on the left who have repeatedly denounced trickle down misses an important point: He fails to make any reference to Ronald Reagan’s “Reagan-omics,” which was clearly rooted in this philosophy.

It made me recall a frequent plea that I made to my parents after getting into a fight as a kid in my neighborhood: Well, he started it!

Tom Stewart


Muslim Brotherhood staying true to goal

Egypt has declared that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.

That is correct.

In November 2001, Swiss authorities found a document now known as the Muslim Brotherhood Project. It stated that the brotherhood’s goal was to infiltrate the West and have a worldwide Islamic state.

The tactics were also stated and include: using Western “progressive” organizations with similar goals; getting supremacy ideologues hired and elected to high positions in unions, charities and government agencies; making the Palestinian conflict a global Muslim cause; and collecting and storing data on the West. There is more. Please look it up.

President Obama has promoted Mohamed Elibiary to senior fellow in our Homeland Security Department. Elibiary is a strong, outspoken supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has access to vital security data.

Obamacare has our data and little, if any, security. And our enemy is in high levels of our government.

Muslims are permitted to lie in order to keep safe or to further Islam. It is called Taqiyya (to conceal beliefs, ideas or intentions). Many Muslims claimed to have converted to Christianity during the Crusades.

Mohammed Morsi lied in order to get elected president of Egypt. He said he was “moderate.” Once elected, he ushered in Sharia law. Muslims are permitted to steal from infidels, too.

We know Obama is capable of lying to us and the world (Obamacare and Benghazi).

Obama’s mistrust of our military leaders is really the guilty conscience of the enemy within. Mark my words.

Sharon Nagle


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