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February 22, 2013

Readers' Forum 2-22 | Common sense lacking from society

— Five- and 6-year-old children suspended from school for playing common childhood games such as cops and robbers and with a bubble gun?

It is scary the type of people who are in charge of schools, as is the thought of arming school personnel with guns.

Do they not consider that a teacher could be overpowered by a student? Or a student could be shot in a scuffle?

Would not a taser gun be more appropriate?

Thousands of dollars were raised to operate on a dog while many people are in need of medical care, food and heat.

Animals are considered more important than babies in the womb.

Destroying an unwanted animal is considered a crime, while destroying a baby in the womb is not.

Animals are made for people, not people for animals.

There are too many fools, and the lack of common sense in our society is scary.

D.V. Hankinson

New Baltimore

Working poor in Pa. deserve Medicaid

Gov. Tom Corbett favors what he calls free clinics. These clinics are an excellent aid to the health care crisis caused by the for-profit health care industry, but they are not a large-scale answer to our health care problem.

The governor supports state funding to clinics labeled free, which actually operate on a sliding scale of cash, insurance payment or no charge if the patient can prove low income or that Medicaid has turned them down due to income.

This type of clinic usually operates in close connection with a federally operated facility that is fully free to low-income working poor who cannot receive Medicaid due to income.

One sliding scale clinic in Blair County then asks patients to buy hospital insurance for $99 a month. I understand that these clinics must finance themselves to operate, and I look highly upon what they are trying to do to help the working poor.

These clinics, however, cannot reach as many people as Medicaid can through the Affordable Care Act. By refusing the expansion of Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act, Corbett is again favoring the corporations at the peril of the 41 percent uninsured people of Pennsylvania whom the act would help.

The struggling working poor help to pay for Corbett’s and his family’s health care. So why does he refuse to return the favor, instead denying them Medicaid that would help them survive? He predictably chooses to prop up the profits of the private health care cartel.

Louis Mollica


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Tackling the area's drug problem.
Controlling folks moving into city housing.
Monitoring folks in treatment centers and halfway houses.
Tougher sentencing by the court system.
More police on the streets.

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