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February 22, 2013

Readers' Forum 2-22 | Common sense lacking from society


— Force politicians to live like us

I have read many letters about politicians receiving high salaries. Whose fault is that? The voters, that’s who.

We all know politicians do very little, especially for the taxpayers (except raise taxes), but when elections come around, instead of voting them out of office, we vote for them.

Another thing that bugs me – aren’t the taxpayers the ones paying politicians’ high salaries? Why do politicians believe they deserve to earn more than their “employers”? It doesn’t work that way in the real world.

Politicians need to be put on the clock at about $10/hour and given a performance review once a year. Then, if they show improvement, given a small raise just like us working people. If that was done and all the back taxes were collected, I’ll bet there would be a surplus budget.

Why do these same politicians punish us seniors and disabled by cutting our benefits, and feel it is OK?

I hope one day they need to collect disability and food stamps and get their benefits cut all the time.

I received a $15 raise on Jan. 1 and my food stamps were cut $10. How does that help?

Sara Deffenbaugh

Nanty Glo

Glad to read of sheriff’s commitment

Thank you, Tribune-Democrat, for presenting Cambria County Sheriff Bob Kolar’s stance on the Second Amendment in the article on gun permit applications of Feb. 14. I rejoice to know Kolar will stand by my rights for self-protection.

I pray we can look to the sheriff as a constitutional sheriff in all aspects and against all actions that attempt to infringe upon our rights.

I encourage every citizen to take the time to reread the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. Be attentive to the actions going on around us, including laws that conflict with these documents. Our creator, not government, has endowed us with unalienable rights.

When we institute a government, it derives power from the consent of the governed. We must be mindful of what power we grant, particularly by actions of ignorance, omission or remaining silent too long. To attribute these rights incorrectly is to hand over the authority to take them away.

The role of county sheriff is one of great authority within Cambria and all counties. He is our strength to stand and refuse to comply with unconstitutional laws. Thank you for your representation, Sheriff Kolar. We stand firmly beside you.

Judith Maucieri


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