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May 13, 2014

Readers' Forum 5/13 | Think carefully before casting vote

JOHNSTOWN — On May 20, the voters will once again be asked who will lead us for the next few years. I urge you, my fellow voters to think about the following before you cast your ballot for elected officials regardless of party affiliation.

Think about a governor who wanted to sell off the state’s lottery system, liquor control board and turnpike to outside interest in the name of cost cutting.

Think about a senator, whose biggest bragging right to get re-elected is the fact that he voted over 50 times to repeal the health care act, instead of offering a better plan to the people of his state.

Think about the state legislature that in a midnight hour vote, decided to give itself a 16 percent pay raise, while not acting on a minimal hourly pay raise for the working class.

Think about the legislators who voted to increase the gas tax and all the license fees, applications and fine penalties under the guise of user fees. When transportation costs go up we all pay the piper.

Think about the legislation, now being talked about in Harrisburg, to make the interstate highways toll roads. I wonder who wants to pay a fee to drive from Ebensburg to Richland or Johnstown. Thank God for alternative routes.

Yes, my fellow voters we have much to think about in the primary. So I suggest you get out and take two aspirins and make your choices intelligently from your mind and not emotionally from your heart.

The choices are yours. Vote.

John Fabo

South Fork

McClelland has what it takes to lead district

Being a resident of Patton, I do not have the opportunity to vote for the candidates in the 12th U.S. Congressional District primary. However, I would still like to persuade my fellow Democrats on who they should support.

While in office, Keith Rothfus has voted along with the unpopular Republican Congress 94 percent of the time. He is a puppet. Within that time he’s voted not to aid the victims of Hurricane Sandy, voted against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, voted against increasing the minimum wage and voted to close the government.

Although, I have admiration and respect for Col. John Hugya, I do not believe he is the best candidate to oust Rothfus.

While attending rallies, it was clear to see Erin McClelland has what it takes to lead the 12th District for the future instead of the past. I have never seen a person so passionate and enthusiastic as she. Although, she has never worked in government before, she has spent 17 years as a health-care professional. During that time, she learned why current policies often fail due to unintended consequences and improper implementation.

Unlike her opponents, she has set numerous goals and plans on how to create economic growth, eliminate waste and reduce costs.

I would not have volunteered to campaign for a person if I did not believe they would do a virtuous job for the district. Please go out, support and vote for McClelland.

Mark Stephens


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