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November 16, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-16 | Real entitlements go to our legislators


— Letter writer’s ‘logic’ taken to task

The letter of M.L. Evans on Nov. 9, “Freedom to choose a hallmark of America,” contains many examples of what passes for logic in many letters to the editor.

Evans asserts that God is pro-choice. How does the writer know? Yet another person qualified to speak for God?

Evans then asserts that the law proscribing anything has no effect on human behavior. Is Evans serious? Of course it does. And anyone whoever slowed down when he saw a police car knows it.

Evans goes on to tell us that abortions are rare. Rare? Abortions in the United States are of epidemic proportion.

Evans is also an expert on animal behavior, saying that animals cannot choose.

What about a dog choosing to obey rather than running after a car?

The writer goes on to assert that the womb should be the safest place for a baby to be, but claims to be pro-abortion. What is this writer talking about?

And finally, we are informed that God is all about freedom. Apparently, when God said “thou shall not kill,” he meant thou shall not kill unless you want to. What nonsense.

And Evans finishes with a flourish, saying that God is pro-choice because he gave Mary a choice to have or not have Jesus.

Oh, boy.

Please, folks. Would those of you who are completely illogical and/or ill-informed please not advertise these facts.

Robert R. Benson


Election results likened to Bible story

The presidential election this year reminded me of the story of Adam and Eve. They chose to eat the forbidden fruit, and the world has been paying for it ever since.

Now, the people have chosen the wrong path again. They ate the fruit. Now, we will pay dearly for years and years to come.

God help us, for we will all suffer because of the acts of some.

Ruth Opdenhoff


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