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March 14, 2013

Readers' Forum 3-14 | Cut superfluous channels, keep KDKA

JOHNSTOWN — The impending loss of venerable TV station KDKA from Atlantic Broadband’s array is a genuine shame.

It has provided professional and quality programming since it became available on cable in the 1960s. Its absence, along with the disappearance of the weekday Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (the newpaper’s decision), contributes to the continuing provincial character of an area that sorely needs to be more cosmopolitan.

If two CBS affiliates in this market are unmanageable, the deletion of the ever- bland and boring WTAJ in Altoona would be preferable. I would bet that this would please WJAC as well.

I’m sure there are many other subscribers who would like the ability to choose their own programming if the technology was available. In this day and age of electronic everything, why isn’t the technology available? Engineers should  get on the stick.

Personally, I don’t need children’s shows or shopping networks. I don’t want to pay for TV that features people buying, renovating or “flipping” houses, pawn brokers, bounty hunters, repo men, car races, chases or crashes, reruns, hoarders, religious charlatanry or Fox News. Of course, this is a matter of personal taste.

In a country that is terrified of socialism, the cable-TV market, along with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, are downright totalitarian. No one is required to indulge in any of this, but if more high-definition channels are being installed as some sort of palliative, KDKA-HD should be among them and save the money elsewhere.

Michael M. Mosorjak


Band together to fight rental blight

This letter is in response to Cynthia Petersen’s Readers’ Forum letter on March 8, “Old Westmont, too, showing a bad side.” She stated that people who rent are “Section 8 dwellers ­– criminals,” welfare recipients and unwilling to work, and slum landlords are renting to anyone.

Those are some pretty harsh and discriminating words.

As Petersen is probably aware, Westmont Borough already has an ordinance in place that singles out and discriminates against landlords. During the past year, the borough has performed inspections on more than 300 rental units at a cost to landlords of more than $50,000, and has not found any major infractions. Maybe all homeowners should be subject to the same fees and inspections.

It is unfortunate that many people have had to move away from the area due to the economy and high taxes. Unable to sell their homes, they have turned to renting as a viable option.

I’d like to think that most homeowners take pride in their properties, but I agree with Petersen that rental and owner-occupied properties have deteriorated over the years. Maybe we as a community can come together and ask ourselves, what can we do to help?

Cliff Majercsik


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