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April 8, 2013

Readers' Forum 4-8 | National debt a problem for everybody

— Many Americans want our nation to keep on spending trillions of dollars more than we bring in, regardless of the consequences.

It would be great if the government could provide for everyone, but the U.S. Treasury is tapped out. Taxes already have been increased on everyone, including the income tax on the rich, but we still have a debt problem.

The problem is, progressives believe government is the solution to all problems, and that money can keep coming right from the printer.

What’s wrong with that mentality?

When we spend a trillion more than we bring in, there has to be money printed to cover that deficit. The money is printed and put into circulation. The result is inflation, because our money isn’t based on anything of value. Therefore, prices go up.

Haven’t we all noticed higher prices on everything? For proof, research quantitative easing to see how much has been printed. This is what’s truly hurting working families.

America offers its citizens an education and opportunity to choose a career. However, many don’t take advantage of such opportunities, yet still demand the government provide them with certain lifestyles.

Judeo-Christian values and self-reliance built America. The desire for material things through government-reliance is leading America’s decline by breaking the treasury. Europe is showing us how this fails.

Inflation from printing money is breaking working Americans. This is why we need politicians who balance budgets, rather than ones who bribe voters with more spending.

Budget cuts are tough, but inflated currency that brings higher costs hurts every single American.

Ryan Hill

Richland Township

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