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January 13, 2013

Readers' Forum 1-13 | Don’t sit idly while prison is shuttered

— I am dismayed and outraged by the decision to close SCI-Cresson and the back-door antics in which the decision was passed down and delivered to the 524 employees who have provided their dedicated service. I hope local taxpayers realize what a travesty this is.

Employees were informed of the closing via local news media. It happened while they were at home with their families or perhaps while working a shift at the very prison that is closing. What a way to learn that your career – and loyal service – is potentially coming to an end.

I would also like to point out that many of these employees are veterans who served our country both at home and abroad. We are always talking about honoring our vets. Is this how we do it? By dismissing them via news broadcasts?

As already pointed out by many, this is one of the few big employers in our area and the prison employs a lot of local people.

The statement that closing SCI-Cresson “should save taxpayers money” is no comfort to me. Nor should it be to the local business owners and contractors.

Employees at SCI-Cresson are people who use businesses in our towns. This will have a long-term negative economic impact on all of us.

I hope we are not going to sit back and watch this happen to our people, in our town.

Jennifer Spielvogle


Flying unlighted flag in dark disrespectful

I leave my home at 4:30 a.m. to go to work, so there are still a few hours before daylight. Along the way, there are at least a dozen homes (these are the ones I can see; I’m sure there are more) plus small businesses and organizations, a fire hall, a borough building, a VFW, and even the U.S. Post Office flying the American flag in the dark.

A lightbulb hanging on a side of a building or a streetlight 30 to 40 feet away does not constitute illuminating the flag.

I challenge all who read this to speak up. Do not turn away and pretend you did not see it. Flying our flag is an honor and a privilege, and that honor and privilege comes with responsibility.

Almost everyone I know has either had or has someone serving in the military. The price so you and I have the privilege of flying the flag has been and continues to be extremely high. Show respect.

Lawrence Behe


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