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February 2, 2013

Readers' Forum 2-2 | Unions should schedule work stoppage

— Concerning the closing of the prison at Cresson, I see this as a clear indication of the state’s intention to privatize the prison system and rid itself of the unions.

I would bet my next paycheck (which more and more of us aren’t going to have) that, within three to five years, it will reopen, nonunion.

It’s time that every union brother, in all unions across the country, stand up and be counted. Yes, I am a member of a union, and the only way to keep our way of life is to stand together.

There should be a countrywide work stoppage. That would get everyone’s attention. Three days, no work, no spending.

It’s a pipe dream to me, because it will never happen. This country is in deep trouble because everything is fine on my side of the fence, so you’re on your own.

Oh, to dream. They’ll soon realize they’re on the wrong side.

Fred C. Smith

Nanty Glo

Save one child or save many

Recently, President Obama was promoting gun control after the Connecticut school shootings and made the following statement: “If there is even one life that can be saved, then we’ve got an obligation to try.” Doesn’t he have any feelings about the children murdered by abortion?

During 2008, anywhere from 826,000 to 1.23 million (depending on whose statistics you use) children were murdered as the result of abortions. I guess one set of numbers is politically correct and the other isn’t.

This is a president who speaks out of both sides of his mouth, depending on who he is talking to. A perfect example is his actions on gun control. He said he supported the Second Amendment and a citizen’s right to own guns. His actions show this is a lie. He appointed two anti-gun justices to the Supreme Court.

Obama and the news media have also confused the average person by mixing up the terms assault rifle with assault weapon.

An assault rifle is fully automatic and can fire a burst or fire continuously with one pull of the trigger. It is a military-type weapon and cannot be owned by the average person.

An assault weapon is semi-automatic and fires one time with each pull of the trigger. Many gun owners use semiautomatic rifles and pistols for hunting or target shooting. An assault weapon ban could be worded to cover both rifles and pistols.

I didn’t put Obama in office, but now I must live under his dictatorship.

Bill Gallus

Richland Township

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