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February 2, 2013

Readers' Forum 2-2 | Unions should schedule work stoppage

Submitted by Readers

— Concerning the closing of the prison at Cresson, I see this as a clear indication of the state’s intention to privatize the prison system and rid itself of the unions.

I would bet my next paycheck (which more and more of us aren’t going to have) that, within three to five years, it will reopen, nonunion.

It’s time that every union brother, in all unions across the country, stand up and be counted. Yes, I am a member of a union, and the only way to keep our way of life is to stand together.

There should be a countrywide work stoppage. That would get everyone’s attention. Three days, no work, no spending.

It’s a pipe dream to me, because it will never happen. This country is in deep trouble because everything is fine on my side of the fence, so you’re on your own.

Oh, to dream. They’ll soon realize they’re on the wrong side.

Fred C. Smith

Nanty Glo

Save one child or save many

Recently, President Obama was promoting gun control after the Connecticut school shootings and made the following statement: “If there is even one life that can be saved, then we’ve got an obligation to try.” Doesn’t he have any feelings about the children murdered by abortion?

During 2008, anywhere from 826,000 to 1.23 million (depending on whose statistics you use) children were murdered as the result of abortions. I guess one set of numbers is politically correct and the other isn’t.

This is a president who speaks out of both sides of his mouth, depending on who he is talking to. A perfect example is his actions on gun control. He said he supported the Second Amendment and a citizen’s right to own guns. His actions show this is a lie. He appointed two anti-gun justices to the Supreme Court.

Obama and the news media have also confused the average person by mixing up the terms assault rifle with assault weapon.

An assault rifle is fully automatic and can fire a burst or fire continuously with one pull of the trigger. It is a military-type weapon and cannot be owned by the average person.

An assault weapon is semi-automatic and fires one time with each pull of the trigger. Many gun owners use semiautomatic rifles and pistols for hunting or target shooting. An assault weapon ban could be worded to cover both rifles and pistols.

I didn’t put Obama in office, but now I must live under his dictatorship.

Bill Gallus

Richland Township

What’s to be gained by state giveaways?

Gov. Tom Corbett has decided to give our state lottery system to a private company located outside our country. This means that millions of dollars in profits that should benefit our senior citizens will go out of our country and will not be taxed.

But that is not all. Corbett also wants to give up the very profitable liquor store business, which will have the same effect.

This reminds me of previous Cambria County officials who sold the county nursing home because they claimed it to be losing money. But as I told them, the buyers will hire a good manager and make money, which they are now doing.

What does Corbett hope to gain by this vast giveaway?

And where are our state senators and representatives who we elected and pay huge salaries? They should be working together to put Corbett in his place.

Citizens, please remember this at the next election.

Bill Kulback

Geistown Borough

Hypocrisy: Allow abortion, ban guns

A TV report stated that every 30 seconds a baby is murdered through abortion. That means that in 10 minutes, 20 babies are murdered. That is a little bit more time than it took a person with a crazed mind to murder 20 innocent first-graders at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

As a result of those murders, President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg are violating the Second Amendment by trying to take away certain weapons from law-abiding people.

If they and others are intent on getting rid of weapons used to murder, why don’t they vigorously campaign to get rid of the tools used by abortion doctors to murder babies? Hypocrisy at the highest level.

Ted Pawlikowski

Northern Cambria

Gob day a pleasant surprise for group                                             “What a country.” Yakov Smirnoff, a Russian comedian, uses this line as part of his routine to contrast life in the former Soviet Union and America. He constantly thanks the United States for a better life (he became a citizen in the 1980s).

I’d like to replace country with city (in this case, Johnstown) to send forth some thankfulness.

On Jan. 26, National Gob Day was celebrated at The Galleria. Many groups were there selling gobs. So why make a fuss over this?

The weather had been terrible with several inches of snow, the temperature was in the single digits and, that morning, the roads were fairly hazardous.

Our group of first-time entrants from our small, local church really expected a low to submoderate turnout, and our concern was to return home with plenty of gobs and other treats we had made days before.

To our amazement, hundreds of people began to participate in this event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. We were also amazed that the crowd bought products from every vendor there. By the time we were ready to pack it in, we had nothing to pack because we were sold out.

To The Galleria, patrons and citizens of our Johnstown and the surrounding area, we thank you for your steadfast support, faithfulness and commitment to make people say with pride, “What a city.”

Bob Barndt


Monster is the abuser, and not the religion

Regarding the Jan. 25 letter by Virginia Stumpo, “Why don’t other religions have abuse?”:

I know that in the past few years, there have been reports of sexual abuse in the Catholic church. It is horrible that anyone would have to go through something like sexual abuse.

Stumpo wanted to know why we are not exposing other religions for sexual abuse. We are not trying to target a religion, but the fact is, we don’t know of sexual abuse being done by other religions. And if it were being done, rest assured they would be exposed as well.

We should not be trying to put these monsters into categories, because it is being done in all walks of life.

We need to figure out how we can better protect our children from this horrible crime. I pray for anyone who has suffered from not only sexual abuse, but physical abuse as well.

We live in a world that seems to be getting worse every day.

All we can do is educate our future generations on how to better protect themselves, and let God deal with these monsters of society.

Although not Catholic myself, I do not view Catholics as monsters. I view the people committing these acts as the monsters.

Be proud of your religion, no matter what it may be, and don’t let these types of criminals make you feel like the criminal on judgment day.

They, not you, will have to answer to the Lord.

Donald Titus Jr.


Modify McCort motto to add ‘silence’

In response to a Readers’ Forum letter on Jan. 26 by Connor Hagins, “Student: McCort’s motto words to live by,” the word “Silence” should be added (“McCort Pride, Loyalty and Tradition”).

John Lux


‘Acts of Kindness’ a diversion from cruelty

I commend The Tribune-Democrat for the full page feature “Acts of Kindness” on Jan. 29. There seems to be so much violence reported in today’s publications. The positive acts of kindness were a wonderful distraction from that violence.

Thank you for publishing those good things people do.

Maybe the Tribune should make the column a monthly report.

Pat Letizia


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