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November 10, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-10 | When U.S. is ravaged, who comes to our aide?

Submitted by Readers

— I offer a short letter concerning the widespread, costly damage Hurricane Sandy has caused.

When other countries have trouble, the good old United States is the first country to send all kinds of help.

Where are the other able-bodied countries now coming to our aide?

What is wrong with this picture?

Josephine Bachani


NAACP golf outing promoted good will

The Bible states how good and pleasant it is when brethren can dwell together in unity and love. Recently, though, we have observed, read or been apart of so much violence, deaths and killings, both worldwide and locally.

The NAACP held it first Martin Luther King memorial golf outing to help promote love and fellowship and create a common dialogue about making our area a better place in which to live, work and worship.

Instead of hitting each other with fists, using detrimental words and regressing in our love and help for each other, we concentrated on hitting golf balls.

There were prizes, good food, laughter and a comraderie unseen in a long while among people of different races, colors, financial positions and religions. We had a great time and look forward to next year.

We thank all who helped make this event a success.

As for making our area a better place in which to live, work and worship, there is a group coming together called Cambria County Concerned City Committee. Come join us. Contact can be made by email at

Rev. Richard S. Williams


Here’s hoping for a better four years

The people have spoken and as a result we will have four more years of President Obama.

We will have four more years of:

* Unemployment exceeding 8 percent and, most likely, much higher.

* Huge deficits exceeding a trillion dollars a year.

* A botched health-care program that few people want or even understand.

* An explosive rise in the number of people who are on public assistance, food stamps and welfare, which will further increase our huge debt.

The list of problems goes on and on – from jobs going to China, cuts in the military budget, loans that have gone bad, cover-ups in foreign-policy miscues, funding programs with money that we don’t have and lack of respect from the countries we support. The president certainly has his plate full.

For better or worse, the president has the reins of our nation. Hopefully, he will guide us in a direction that benefits all Americans. I hope the next four years are better than the past four.

Dennis Funyak


Status quo doesn’t bode well for America

There are consequences in an election.

Obamacare – the biggest tax on America, with control on every aspect of your life – will not be repealed. Seniors will be refused routine lifesaving medical treatment.

The Keystone XL Pipeline project will not happen, with an immediate 10,000 jobs lost.

There will be a drastic loss in coal-related jobs, bringing record-breaking prices for fuel.

Like in President Obama’s first four years, there will be no permits to drill for oil on government-owned land.

The Environmental Protection Agency will make it extremely expensive to extract natural gas, and natural gas prices will go up.

There will be drastic cuts in our military, not to mention Obama’s plan to disarm America.

I predict he will have to use the military draft, including drafting your daughters. Our youth have lost confidence in the commander in chief and won’t want to volunteer to serve.

Babies will continue to be pulled out of their mothers’ wombs, and, if born alive, left to die. And guess what? You and your church are expected to pay for it.

Our only friend in the Middle East, Israel – God’s chosen people – will be left on her own. Who do you think Iran will come after next? Remember, your president said, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction. ...” Audacity of hope.

Please pray for our country, pray for Israel and pray for the unborn. It is all we have left.

You re-elected Obama. Congratulations.

Susan Miller-Lovette


Politicians doing little to earn paychecks

Politicians want to be re-elected even if they don’t have what it takes to make a stable economy, let alone get highway projects such as Route 219 done. It has been in the works  since 1970.

The unemployment rate of 9.1 percent in Somerset County is totally unacceptable. So, what are the politicians doing except taking our money for themselves?

None of them impress me. People in  these  offices are not as helpful and knowledgeable as they pretend.

This isn’t a joke. They have to realize that it’s tough times for a lot of people, with the coal miners being laid off.

Why don’t they pay attention to what people have to say? They’re not listening.

Thomas Kielbasinski


Give cashiers a lesson on customer etiquette

How about offering a sincere “Thank you, please stop again” to customers as you hand them their change and receipt?

I dislike the current reply of “Have a nice one.”

Store owners or managers should school their employees on this subject.

It would be more appropriate.

Sam Kaplitz



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