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September 17, 2013

Readers' Forum 9-17 | City entity operating in dark ages

JOHNSTOWN — It’s 2013, everywhere except Johnstown.

On Sept. 13, I went to the Johnstown Water Authority office to pay my bill. Usually, I mail it in.

I walked up to the window and was greeted by an older woman.

I said hello, then pushed my bill and my Visa card toward her.

In a very snotty and sarcastic tone of voice, she said, “We don’t take credit cards – cash, check or money order only.”

Honestly, I thought she was joking, and I kinda laughed.

That resulted in an even snottier repeat of her initial tirade, accompanied by a very nasty look.

Really? A public entity that doesn’t take credit cards – in 2013?

Just another example of the antiquated ways and ideas of Johnstown government.

And it was my misfortune to have to deal with a consummate bureaucrat.

Greg Rager

Lakeland, Fla., formerly of Johnstown

Democratic Party is party of death

This is in response to Richard A. Ruth’s Readers’ Forum letter of Sept. 9, “Confirmed expected to defend faith.” It motivated me to see that Catholics who vote for Democrats are supporting so-called same-sex marriage, abortion, contraception, sterilization, euthanasia, assaults on religious freedom and unlimited Internet pornography, whether they realize it or not.  

Trying to understand the motivation for Catholics who vote for Democrats led me to believe that they eventually will be voting for people who support televised gladiatorial combat, polygamy, legalized rape of 10-year-old girls through early marriage, persecution of the saints by crucifixion and eventual human sacrifice of infants (already done in the womb.) All this because they fail to see the line they’ve already crossed long ago.

I believe Catholics who vote for Democrats voted for people like President Obama, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey and Vice President Joe Biden for what they thought were noble reasons, but they voted for the diminishment of their own freedoms that will eventually lead us to tyrannical rule and a severe persecution of the Catholic Church, because Catholics who vote for Democrats are Catholics who vote for death – with or without realizing it.

The Democratic Party is not a pro-life political party. Please stop supporting it today. It is a party of death and has become a tool of the devil made possible by Catholics who vote for Democrats.

If you leave the Democratic Party today, you will be choosing life, not death.  Choose life today. Your freedom, and the freedom of other Catholics, depends upon it.  

Karl Komara


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