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September 23, 2013

Readers' Forum 9-23 | Energy costs drag down economy

JOHNSTOWN — We just had the 9-11 anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America. Most of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, the country that sells us the blood oil that the Democrats love.

About 20 percent of our oil comes from Alaska. That’s all the Democrats want.

My grandson works on the Alaska railroad and said China and India are the biggest buyers of coal. President Obama said coal will not be mined in America anymore. Where was Cecil E. Roberts, president of the United Mine Workers of America? He was silent and forgot the miners and the thousands of jobs that we lost. He was busy unionizing Wal-Mart workers.

The unions and environmentalists with the Democrats have shut down jobs in America. The windmills and ethanol gas experiment were a failure, wasting billions of dollars, when we have enough oil and coal in this country. New technology has made these industries less polluting.

Now they are after the new shale gas drilling in our country. This is the last hope for cheap gas in America.

Our economy is bad because energy costs have skyrocketed.

Wait until Obama’s health care law goes into effect. We will be a welfare state that depends on big government and its socialism.

Our grandchildren will pay the price and hate us for voting for this president. The first black president is destroying America.

Stephen R. Sakmar

Lower Yoder Township

Obama making rules as he goes

Recently, President Obama overruled our law that we cannot supply terrorists with guns. But three executive orders rescinded that law and, without Congress’ approval, made it possible, through executive order, for the U.S. to supply guns to Syria.

Obama is making Congress obsolete.

Our country is now on the side of terrorists. Obama made our country a terrorist country.

Did you know the men in the Navy yard had no guns to protect themselves? They were not allowed. The same happened in Fort Hood, the servicemen were not allowed to have weapons. Why not?

Now, because Congress will not pass gun laws, Obama is doing this by executive order. We have a dictator, like it or not.

Did you know truckers are planning to shut down Washington, D.C., Oct. 11-13 because Obama is not going by our Constitution?

Did you know that a Muslim Brotherhood member was reappointed to Homeland Security? Obama has polluted our country with these guys.

Obama does not want our servicemen or the public to have guns. Is he afraid we will turn on him?

We must stick together or die together. I believe we will die together because people did not realize they were putting evil in the government.

The Lord is on his way, be ready.

Dorothy Seth



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