The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

October 17, 2013

Readers' Forum 10-17 | Don't play with debt ceiling limits

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — Our nation’s economy is currently being held hostage by a number of extremists in Congress, whom I term obstructionists.

These obstructionists – some of whom are Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and other tea party members (remember Sarah Palin) – are out to oppose any and all legislation proposed by President Obama and other Democrats.

Lest you forget, the last time that our country played this game with the debt ceiling limits, our government’s credit rating was downgraded. Did we not learn any lessons from the past?

The heads of other countries are even telling us that to default on our debts would be catastrophic and would propel us into another tailspin, circa the recession we had in 2007-08.

Republicans should turn their attention to budget issues, such as the abuses in our welfare and disability systems and to fairness issues in our tax code. Back off the debt ceiling threats and stop the madness now. Don’t re-elect the obstructionists.

John Washko


Replica Memorial Wall just over the mountain

In reference to Dave Sutor’s article titled “Wall of hurdles looming” on Oct. 13 in The Tribune-Democrat.

I am wondering if Paul Rinker is aware that there is a replica of the Washington, D.C., Vietnam Memorial Wall located less than an hour from Johnstown? That’s right, it is in Altoona at 2709 Pleasant Valley Blvd., on the grounds of the James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center.

It is open to the public daily during daylight hours. A book is provided to look up and locate names on the wall. Perhaps with a permanent wall located right in our backyard, the $10,000 to bring the same thing here temporarily could be put to a better use.

Kathy Jones


Neighbor’s music causing discomfort

I am a music lover, always have been. I respect that others also love music. What I don’t respect is when someone plays their music so loudly it infringes on my peace and quiet.

My next-door neighbor, for example, plays the drums at least once a week, for hours on end. I am subject to his merciless beating on those skins. He plays so loudly that I cannot watch TV, have a conversation or enjoy the peaceful tranquility of my home. This includes closing all of my windows.

The police informed me I have to endure this invasion upon me until 10 p.m.

I understand we all have rights to enjoy our hobbies in our homes, but what about my right to enjoy peace and quiet in mine?

Is Portage the only place where a person must purchase and wear ear plugs to enjoy a quiet evening in their homes?

If such a law exists I wish it would be enforced. If there is none, there should be.

Reno Tavernini


Gov’t. shutdown is ridiculous

What do we think of this government shutdown? What is it? Are our politicians a bunch of children who cannot get along? A government shutdown? Doesn’t this sound ridiculous? It certainly does to me.

Well, our politicians, whether they are Democrats, Republicans or independents, should get their act together and start really working for the people instead of being a bunch of children who want to argue specific points while the government is supposedly shutting down, while they are hiring people to block citizens from going into national parks, museums and other places.

Where is that money coming from to pay those people? Yet we are being shut down? Our military personal are not getting paid.

How long are we the people going to put up with this? We know that the government shutdown is a staged event by a bunch of squabbling children.

Maybe it’s time that somebody shed some light on this and stop this insanity.

John A. DeBartola