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October 30, 2013

Readers' Forum 10-30 | Designated hitter not part of 'real' baseball

JOHNSTOWN — In a recent sports article, David Ortiz (of the Boston Red Sox) said the National League needs to wake up and use the designated hitter.

The strategy part of “real” baseball is when to use a pinch hitter or leave the pitcher in the game to bat.

A ball player who doesn’t play in the field is ... not part of the game.

J. Patrick Mayberry


Rothfus did as constituents wanted

The headline of the Readers’ Forum on Oct. 25 was “Rothfus voted against the interest of the people,” by Richard J. Holsinger. If it were not so sad, it would be almost amusing. Somebody at the paper must have made up this biased headline.

Those of us who want to see this country survive voted Rothfus into office, which means he voted the way the majority of this district wanted.

On the other hand, Rep. Bill Shuster, a Republican, voted against his party and constituents, which makes him a traitor. Holsinger labeled Shuster as “our congressman.” I take it he means Shuster is a Democrat. Holsinger said Shuster voted for essential services for Americans desperately needing those services. It would be interesting to hear his definition of “needing” and “wanting.”

Nobody would deny anybody in desperate need, but what is the percentage of those who need versus those who want and don’t deserve?

I remember the news from President Obama’s inauguration when a reporter asked a woman why she had come to Washington, D.C. She said, “To get me some of that Obama money.”

When I find out who is running against Shuster in the next election, I will donate to his or her fund. Some of us who vote for the best person and not the party are still around. I will remember Rothfus on election day in 2014, and I will vote for him.

John Mikolic


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