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February 22, 2014

Readers' Forum 2-22 | Debt ceiling is disgracing America

JOHNSTOWN — It’s time Congress stopped playing stupid games that seem to be played on both sides of the aisle. I’m not attacking either side, I’m attacking both sides of stupidity.

It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, independent or just an idiot, which I think there happens to be a house full of those, it’s the way they’re playing this game.

The debt ceiling is not affecting their checkbook or the perks they receive.

What it is affecting is the common, hardworking people in America because their kids will inherit this debt. If we continue to push these debt ceilings to outrageous places, somewhere down the road someone has to pay the piper. Until the American people begin to really awaken, we’ll continue down this sorry road of debt. We won’t solve any of the problems or get real answers. We’ll get a bunch of bantering back and forth between the aisle of who’s right and who’s wrong.

Let’s stop all that and make a decision to do something correctly. If they can’t resolve it, every individual on both sides of the aisle should allow someone new to get elected. It seems as if neither side is doing much, except playing games and babbling back and forth. It must stop.

We, the American people, should demand better from not only our leaders but our system, a system that was built on the work of hardworking men and women.

John A. DeBartola


God is behind all science

Global warming: fact or fiction? I really do not care because if it is fact it is because God is causing it to happen. This is his creation and we can do nothing to save it or destroy it no matter what the liberal green environmentalists tell us with their false statistics and theories.

The air is clean in the Johnstown area, and the noise of the steel mills operating 24 hours a day is gone. The roofs of the houses in Franklin are no longer orange from the emissions from the blast furnaces and coke batteries.

Not too long ago, Johnstown had 60,000 residents and was a prosperous, bustling city. Franklin was proudly the richest borough in the state. There were more than 12,000 steelworkers employed in the city and Franklin Borough, and people were happy.

 Now Johnstown is a distressed city and Franklin is in the same situation, but the air is clean and steel is made all over the world except here.

But smile, because our area has stopped emitting carbon dioxide, which is necessary for all plants to survive and supply us with oxygen to breathe and live.

But nature (God) will take our place.

When we rob God’s plants of the carbon dioxide that they need, he will replenish them in his own way. It is his world, not ours. One good volcanic eruption will keep the plants green for years.

The media withholds studies that totally disprove the global warming hysteria ruining our country. We need jobs, not lies.

The Rev. Tony Joseph

Richland Township

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