The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

February 26, 2014

Readers' Forum 2-26 | Fraud only reason to object to voter ID

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — David Jenkins’ Readers’ Forum letter on Feb. 21, “Facts reveal truth about Philly vote,” has determined that because has said that no voter fraud occurred in the 59 districts of Philadelphia there is no need for voter ID.

Why is it that the Democrats want nothing to do with being sure that the proper person is voting and voting once? After all, we show ID every day for all kinds of things including cashing checks, driving, etc.

How many people in Pennsylvania don’t have ID? Ten maybe 20? There really is only one reason to oppose voter ID requirements – so questionable, fraudulent voting practices can continue.

Rick Schubert


Pros in Olympics turn off viewer

Congratulations on a successful and safe completion to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

As an old-school individual, my only complaint – and question – is what political/financial criteria was used to allow professional athletes to compete instead of only amateurs in any sport?

Kind of loses the appeal for me.

J. Patrick Mayberry


Judged by how we treat others

Being a good person does not depend on your religion, status in life, race, skin color, political views or culture. It depends on how you treat others.

The Bible tells us that if you do it unto my brethren, you do it unto me.

Mary Brighenty


Gas companies adding to profits

Why is Pennsylvania subsidizing the natural gas industry?

First, we have not imposed a severance tax on the gas drillers for the gas they extract. That money goes straight to the drillers’ profits.

Second, a local trucking company gets a $500,000 state grant to install a natural gas filling station.

Now the state is paying to put in a filling station for Cambria County Transit Authority.

Why aren’t the natural gas companies paying for these stations? They’re going to reap the profits by selling the gas.

Is there going to be some kind of tax to support roads and bridges from the selling of natural gas for motor vehicles? If not, this will be another subsidy for gas companies.

It’s time for everyone in Pennsylvania to benefit from the natural gas under our feet instead of just a few.

Sherman Weible


Digging deeper into inequality

In regards to Gladys M. Clifton’s column on Feb. 22 (“Not much progress on civil rights issues”), and with all due respect to her credentials and background, it has become nauseating to see that the race card continues to be the foundation for any form of dissention from things actually taking place in our society.

Among other things, Clifton makes assumptions that color has everything to do with income inequality, incarceration, drugs and lack of educational opportunity.

In closing, she assumes that, although a writer in this forum didn’t say why “he can’t stand” the president and his wife, it’s simply because they’re of color. That’s terrible. I personally can’t stand the sight of former President Clinton or his wife. Would she then assume that it’s only because they’re white?

Could the actual problems with this president simply be his policies and the direction he’s taking this country? Could the actual problems with income inequality, incarceration, drugs, poverty and education be blamed on politics, of which some people (white and black) are getting very wealthy, and powerful, by actually keeping minorities and whites downtrodden in life?

President Obama is against the funding of charter schools in Washington, D.C., to help poor, black children climb out of the stigma of poverty and ignorance.

What we have here is a symptom of what happens when race becomes the only focal point of the illness. When politics, policies and immorality create the illness, it doesn’t matter what color you are, the illness continues to spread.

Marvin R. Gindlesperger


Thankful for help after hit-and-run

While walking to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center at about 9 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, I was struck by a vehicle as I crossed Southmont Boulevard from Roxbury Avenue. The vehicle’s headlights came on shortly before striking me. As I rolled over the hood and onto the boulevard, the vehicle sped away.

I wish to thank the patrons and employees of The Haven restaurant, who immediately came to my assistance. Cambria County 911 was called, and within several minutes, Memorial’s emergency vehicle arrived, followed by an ambulance and the police.

Thank you to the professionals in the ER who quickly and efficiently performed the many tests to determine my injuries and the doctors who treated my injuries.

Finally, I want to thank my God for sparing my life, again.

Alex Sadosky