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February 28, 2014

Readers' Forum 2-28 | Help honor city policemen with park

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — Clover Street Policemen’s Memorial Park has a nice ring to it, but making it a reality will be an uphill climb.

Joe Warhul and I are spearheading this project.

This memorial park will include six benches bearing the names of the dedicated officers who have lived on Central Avenue and Clover Street throughout their police careers. Two police K-9s will also be honored.

A special thank you to Leroy Palov and the city codes department for finalizing several condemned structures on Clover Street that will pave the way toward this memorial park.

With the blessing of Mayor Frank Janakovic and City Council at the Feb. 18 meeting, we are encouraging every citizen to plant flowers and trees as more green space becomes available.

With that in mind, our only hope is that council will donate these two lots (that will just sit empty) to help beautify Moxham and honor these policemen.

Another attraction will be a gazebo, where, at certain times, people can sit, enjoy a picnic and listen to music. This park will be maintained by the neighbors and monitored for safety.

Also, a school bus shelter will be installed for the children who have their stop at Central Avenue and Clover Street to keep them safe from the elements.

All feedback and contributions are welcome. Visit us on Facebook at Clover Street Policemen’s Memorial Park/project.

Randy R. Gajewski


Constitution 101 a course worth taking

Hillsdale College is offering a Constitution 101 course. This course is to help American citizens, as well as our elected officials, understand the meaning and history of America’s founding.

Our country has strayed from the principles of individual liberty and limited government, which our Constitution upholds.

The 10-week course began Feb. 24 and concludes the week of April 28, but the lectures are archived for repeated viewing anytime, at your convenience and from the comfort of your home.

The course is absolutely free, but if you wish to make a donation, Hillsdale would greatly appreciate it.

I took this course in 2012 and considered it very educational and enlightening. The email to get started on the course is If you are concerned about the direction our country is going, then please take the time to register for this course. With the ever-expanding federal bureaucracy, we may not be able to reclaim the liberty that has been lost, and we may lose the liberty we still have.

Patty Hodgkinson


Doing nothing is adding to problem

Apathy is killing the United States. While the current administration is constricting our economy, curtailing our freedoms and raising the level of immorality, unemployment and poverty, most Americans are blithely going about their day. Many know more about the actions of Hollywood than those of our own government.

The Affordable Care Act is neither affordable nor caring, as it has caused a huge spike in insurance premiums and deductibles. It has mandated that Christians and others opposed to abortion and sterilization pay so individuals can obtain those services. It has caused more people to lose their insurance than will be insured for the first time. It is a relentless push for government to control every aspect of health care.

Where is the outcry from the majority of citizens, especially Christians? The lack of response shows that there are many who are ill-informed or apathetic.

The Internal Revenue Service unfairly targets Christian and conservative groups. Now, it suggests a new regulation (IRS REG-134417-13) which would prevent social welfare groups such as pro-life organizations from distributing voter guides or even mentioning candidates prior to elections. This is another effort to silence Obama’s critics.

A huge contributor to Obama’s election effort has been appointed to investigate the IRS scandal. The corruption smacks us upside the face, yet where is the outrage?

How many of you have contacted your legislators about these issues? Do you write letters or post relevant information on social media? If you have done nothing, then you are part of the problem.

Gale Bala


Drivers speeding on Barron Avenue

I constantly see vehicles coming up Barron Avenue, from D Street to J Street, at high rates of speed, exceeding the 25 mph speed limit posted on Barron Avenue.

I’ve seen vehicles going at least 40 mph or better and going right through the stop sign at Barron Avenue and I Street. That is a four-way stop, and there is a stop-ahead warning sign posted between G Street and I Street. This goes on all year.

Kids play on the street occasionally, and they pay attention to approaching vehicles and move to the sidewalk. These drivers should pay more attention to the signs posted on the street and slow down. Sooner or later, something tragic is going to happen. Hopefully, no one get seriously injured.

Please slow down and stop.

A.J. Sirko Jr.