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December 20, 2012

Readers' Forum 12-20 | Hoping Grinch enjoys pilfered decoration

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — I hope the person who took my fiber optic Christmas tree enjoys it as much as my sister did. I set it up at her house the past three years. It will be four years since she had a stroke and been confined to a wheelchair.

Whomever took it was in my cellar or hers. Why did you take the tree and not the box?

This year, she will not have a tree. Have a Merry Christmas.

Jean Benedict

Mundys Corner

Reduced to tears by Conn. shooting

I have four children who occupy the chambers of my heart. They have given me nine grandchildren and, with time, nine great-grandchildren.

On Dec. 14, I was at Conemaugh Valley Elementary School. At 9:30 a.m., I saw children singing Christmas songs and giving various recitations. Parents were smiling and waving. Younger children were playing in the aisles. A lot of pictures were taken that morning. It was good.

At 9:30 that same morning, not too many miles away in Connecticut, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, something else was happening.

I can’t stop crying.

Anna Percinsky


We’ve already fallen off moral cliff

At present, the news arena is dominated with one subject that is summarized in the expression “fiscal cliff.”

As the president and Congress attempt to maneuver for positions of great influence in this debacle, the image of a three-ring circus quickly comes to mind.

The tragedy is the failure to realize that the real crisis is not the possibility of falling off a fiscal cliff, but the hard reality that we have already fallen over a moral cliff.

Our version of the Holocaust has resulted in over 55 million unborn victims. Our idolatry is on a level comparable to the ancient Roman Empire. Our sexual immorality is now pandemic in nature. We continue to brainwash the majority of our young with the deadly doctrine that we have evolved from lower life forms, hence, there is no personal need for God, if he really does exist.

Mounting evidence suggests that it is simply a matter of time until almighty God, who is calling us to repent of our personal and corporate sins, deals with our nation as he has dealt with others in the past whose ruins now pique the interests of archeologists.

Pastor Clayton D. Harriger



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