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April 2, 2013

Readers' Forum 4-2 | A good start toward transparency

— Having read the article on the city manager’s state of the city report, I think the suggestion from Councilwoman Rose Howarth was a good start in making information easy and accessible to the citizens of Johnstown.

I did attend the breakfast and found the city report very informative.

However, a onetime report is just the start. A large number of municipalities in Pennsylvania and across the United States post all their meeting minutes on their websites. Communities much smaller than Johnstown, such as Greensburg and Latrobe, post all their minutes to keep the public informed. Cambria County posts all its meeting minutes.

Previously, this could have necessitated extra work time for city employees. However, the city now receives its minutes electronically from a transcriber service and could easily and immediately post them on the city website.

I hope city council and the city manager agree that this is a step toward government transparency and address the issue in the near future.

I think the citizens of Johnstown deserve to be informed.

Curt Davis


Former city manager

An accident – that explains everything

On March 28, in The Tribune-Democrat, I read with great interest that Atlantic Broadband crews were repairing cables damaged during a traffic accident on the Elton Road. I am sure that explains the absence of KDKA-TV from the local array of stations that Atlantic Broadband’s captive audience pays for monthly.

However, I don’t understand how that accident in Elton would have caused me to lose only the signal of that station, a station I have been watching since cable TV arrived in Roxbury 50-plus years ago. Come to think of it, I think I lost the signal prior to the accident. Hmmm. But I am sure that no rational Atlantic Broadband manager or CEO would deliberately remove probably the best regional news coverage and in-depth sports coverage on the ’Burgh’s professional sports teams. It had to be that accident.

And nobody in his or her right mind would then substitute it with a duplicate signal of another local station that provides the same local news, much of it of marginal interest and/or on small distant communities, and sports coverage that focuses on the same high school athletics as the other local stations. After all, one reason many people did not switch to satellite TV was to keep these broadcast stations.

Thank goodness the crews fixed the problem, though. I must rush off and tune in Channel 2 to get my dose of what is really happening in the Pittsburgh area and the rest of southwestern Pennsylvania.

Rick Truscello


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