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April 2, 2013

Readers' Forum 4-2 | A good start toward transparency


— Christians portrayed as bad people

Pedophiles come in all shapes, sizes, colors, religions and walks of life, but the ones who get any real press time are the Catholics. When a Catholic priest is accused, it becomes a witch hunt. Innocent until proven guilty does not apply to Catholics. The liberal media goes after us because of our stance on abortion and gay marriage. Our churches are desecrated, offices ransacked and burned.

There currently is a lawsuit against President Obama and Obamacare by the U.S. Catholic Church, but this has been ignored by the liberal media.

Catholics have been in this country for 200 years, we have fought in all the wars, we pay our taxes and we helped build America. In the popular, liberal media, all Christians are portrayed as bad people. When one freedom is denied, all is denied. We cannot judge others as they judge us or we become as them.

Never apologize for being a Christian –  that is our greatest strength. Some leaders know they cannot control faith, so they control people by taking away their rights.

Ron Marol


Veterans of Okinawa deserving of respect

Some call April 1 April Fools’ Day, but to me it was no fools’ day. It was unequivocally hell. It was the invasion of Okinawa. They didn’t call it D-Day, they called it L-Day. It was three months of torment.

It was the bloodiest battle and had more American fatalities than either the Pacific or European theaters – 85,000 died and approximately four times that many were wounded.

I am writing this to remind and inform all, and maybe it will give us, and especially me, some respect.

Three years ago, which was 65 years after the invasion, I got in touch with the national and local media and asked them to mention it on TV. I got nothing from them. Maybe this time they will wake up. I hope. We’re a dying breed – 10,000 of us die every year.

Roy D. Smith


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