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April 5, 2013

Readers' Forum 4-5 | NRA study, suggestions compound insanity

Submitted by Readers

— As if the legacy of the Dec. 14, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre couldn’t get any worse, the rootin’ tootin’ gun nuts at the National Rifle Association have finally weighed in on the matter, and offered their recommendations about how to curb gun violence in schools and prevent such an abomination from occurring ever again.

Their recommendation?

More guns, of course.

The Sandy Hook massacre occurred just before Christmas, when some maniac with an assault rifle and a couple of pistols somehow gained access to that Newtown, Conn., grade school, opened fire and killed 20 first- and second-graders, along with six teachers, who tried to shield the children from the gunfire.

The NRA remained strangely silent for a while following the massacre, leading some to believe that the senseless slaughter of 20 innocent young children had somehow finally penetrated their leaders’ thick skulls enough to persuade them that the gun mania in this country is out of control.

But, instead, apparently a lunatic fringe of the NRA – which is to say, all of them – found it necessary to spend $1 million to fund a 225-page study called “National School Shield,” to advise the rest of us how school safety can be improved.

One conclusion of the study: Arm the teachers.

If any sanity can emerge from the haze of gunsmoke that seems to have somehow clouded our national heritage, possibly it’s this:

In the future, wait until the NRA offers its opinion.

Then do the exact opposite.

Carl Schultz


City View operators treated unfairly

CamTran made a big mistake in closing the City View Bar & Grill, after Andy and Katie Lasky spent thousands of dollars on repairs, remodeling it into one of the nicest dining facilities in the area.

CamTran’s closing City View over a small, $7,000 in back rent is nothing to what CamTran will spend on a new maintenance complex in Woodvale.

Who will ride the Inclined Plane now, just to look down at Johnstown?

I, like many others, took my customers and guests to City View, and always enjoyed good meals provided by a good, hardworking staff.

I believe CamTran, if it finds a new operator for City View, should refund the money the Laskys spent on making this restaurant into its present condition. CamTran, too, should give Andy Lasky a written apology, telling him that they wish him the best.

Bob Shoup


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