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April 11, 2013

Readers' Forum 4-11 | Frustrated by city’s lack of cleanup info

Submitted by Readers

— I’m writing to voice my frustration with the lack of information regarding spring cleanup in the city this year.

In years past, we could always count on The Tribune-Democrat to publish all the neighborhood cleanup dates, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this year.

I called City Hall, and all I got was an “I don’t know.”


A lot of us are taxpaying homeowners who count on this service to get rid of excess junk, and I’m willing to go back to paying the $40 fee if it means getting rid of the lack of organization and information that has been plaguing this service the past two years.

Perhaps The Tribune-Democrat can help force the city’s hand and get us residents some information on when we can expect to have this, because this has become an absolute joke.

Surrounding municipalities don’t seem to have this problem.

Speaking of spring cleanup, let’s also start aggressively kicking out these thugs who migrate from larger cities to sell their drugs and commit their crimes, while being harbored and protected by the person who’s boarding them illegally. They are not welcome in my community.

Justin Perreault


Editor’s note: An employee in the city manager’s office told us on Monday, “No dates yet, but they are working on it now. We should know soon.”

Unrealistic opinions from two writers

If a bar can be sued for attracting violent patrons, why then can’t the Johnstown Housing Authority be sued for bringing violent residents to our neighborhoods?

I admire Rachel Allen for her views on Moxham, but I do think her view is through rose-colored glasses.

Gun violence such as that in the Moxham section is not the result of a National Rifle Association member, but the trash brought here for us to baby-sit.

If not for a gun, as in Newtown, a real crazy would resort to making a bomb to blow up a school room, using a knife to hack his victims or run a car through a crowd.

What part of this doesn’t Carl Schultz understand? Gun control will not stop crazies.

Maybe Schultz will find himself somewhere he shouldn’t be and wish he’d been a NRA member and knew how to protect himself.

Maybe Schultz should just keep writing for Peanuts in the funnies; oh wait, that’s Charles Schulz, and Carl Schultz’s views aren’t funny.

Taking guns from responsible people only makes things worse. A trained armed guard in every school would put the fear of God into the people who need it.

If the liberals who whine and cry for gun control would find the fear of God, maybe this country could be returned to respectability as the home of the brave and land of the free.

David W. Lamison

Upper Yoder

School, community safety focus of report

With concern and dismay, I must offer comment on the title used in The Tribune-Democrat article of April 10 to identify the report recently released from the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at the Windber Research Institute.

The full title of the report is: “School and Community Safety Forum Summary: An Educational Brief for Legislators, Educators, Health Care Providers and Media.”

The intent of the report was to provide information that can be used by these groups to guide them in their respective decision-making processes to keep our children safe.

If there is any group, here in Cambria County or nationally, it is our educators who are making every effort to address the many challenging educational and health issues that confront them.

Whether it be our educators, legislators, public health researchers or the media, we must do our work responsibly and thoroughly.

The lives of our children are at stake.

Dr. Matthew G. Masiello

Director, The Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Windber Research Institute


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