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April 15, 2013

Readers' Forum 4-15 | Where are anti-knife zealots?

Submitted by Readers

— At a community college in Texas on Tuesday, 14 people were stabbed.

I hope the gun protesters don’t expand and come up with another ridiculous cause. My goodness, how would we slice and butter our bread? Peel our fruits and veggies? Cut our steaks? Carve our turkeys? Skin our … oops, PETA might be reading this.

Let’s all hope that no one goes on a rampage with a ball bat. We would have to eliminate softball and baseball from our daily lives. I guess we could use Nerf bats and balls.

The new name for the knife protesters could be “Prevent Using Knives Every Second,” or PUKES.

Someday, maybe we’ll have anti-knife letters to the editorial pages. That’s why I had to get this in immediately.

Hank Hirsch


City council keeps failing constituents

The people who live in the Moxham section of Johnstown are under siege because of the shootings, robberies, drugs and life-threatening violence.

The city’s Drug and Crime Commission will meet with city council and entertain suggestions about how to reduce crime in the city. That should be something to see – city council could not even fill a vacancy on its own. It had to ask the courts to fill it.

Maybe the people of Moxham should send a suggestion to council on election day in May.

We need state and federal funds to help us hire more police officers and firefighters. Let’s go and get it.

Wilfred Frombach


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