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October 25, 2013

Readers' Forum 10-25 | Rothfus voted against interest of people

JOHNSTOWN — While his opposition to any military action against Syria was commendable, Congressman Keith Rothfus’ position on the government shutdown/debt ceiling issue again disappoints.

I have previously labeled Congressman Bill Shuster as “our congressman” for his willingness, over the past few years, to fund essential services to Americans desperately needing those services.

Shuster again deserves this label for his “yes” vote on the funding/debt ceiling bill, passed on Oct. 16.

Shuster labeled Rothfus and others opposing the bill “irresponsible.”

Rothfus adhered to principal and voted directly against the interest of the American people, not to mention the interests of the worldwide economy.

His and all other like-minded representatives and senators are dangerously radical and oblivious to their responsibilities to protect the welfare of the American people.

I pray that the voters remember Rothfus’ outrageous action on Election Day 2014.

Richard J. Holsinger


Third-party hopefuls desperately needed

The tea party has taken much criticism by Democrats, cave-in Republicans (what’s new?), and the liberal media, when, in fact, all it wants is fiscal responsibility.

I’m fed up with the politicians, starting with President Obama, tax-and-spend Democrats and, yes, a good portion of Republicans. They are supposed to be smart, educated leaders but can’t understand simple mathematics. You have $10, spend $15, your balance is negative $5.

The Republicans with good-sounding conservative ways are generally spineless, compromising politicians for the most part. Just look at Bush senior with “Read my lips” and the younger W. Bush who went on a spending spree that made him look like a Democrat by the time he left office.

I’ve stated in this forum before that the Democratic Party is an evil political organization with no biblical influence. If you call yourself a Christian, you should be ashamed to be registered to the party of preborn-baby killers, homosexual marriage proponents, and the cradle- (babies that aren’t aborted) to-grave mentality by its form of government.

If you’re looking at an economical view of our country, you must realize our country is in serious trouble because of the stupidity of our politicians who haven’t learned to add and subtract and just simply lack common sense.

It’s past time for a third-party candidate who is fiscally responsible, moral and, yes, has a backbone. Can one be found?

“Righteousness exalteth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34.

Bernie Bolha

Upper Yoder Township

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