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August 29, 2013

Readers' Forum 8-29 | President making the right decisions

— Russian President Vladimir Putin’s noncooperation with the United States on Syria, on the Edward Snowden issue and on other matters has caused President Obama to cancel a meeting with Putin scheduled for early September.

Obama has gone on record as opposing the U.S. Olympics team from boycotting the upcoming Russian Olympics Games as a sanction on Putin/Russia.

Obama isn’t likely to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline project solely to sanction Putin/Russia. If he rejects that project, it will be because he has concluded that none of the pipeline’s oil will come into this country, reducing this country’s energy dependency, and that this oil will do divesting damage to the world’s environment.

Now you know all the major reasons Obama may reject the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

Melvin Fees


Obama ideology shaped at early age

“You are who you are when you are 5 years old,” stated a Penn State lecturer during a seminar hosted by company officials many years ago. The reasoning is your upbringing values/social interactions by that age are pretty much mindset and become the basis of your character as you mature in life.

If true, then one can understand the ideology of President Obama, who, in his early years, was raised by split racial parents and tutored by a Marxist father and grandfather on the evils of capitalism, inequities associated with individual wealth and the misuse of American military power.

As a result, Obama’s inner anger has mentally fermented a disingenuous compassion for others, confusing ambition for greed and rewarding irresponsibility with entitlements.

He has no historical ties to years previous to his birth. Previous wars of liberation and sacrifice are fictional. Constitution is a means to the presidency but not an obligation of his presidency.

He has no affection for this country. Therefore, he cares little about this country. The more of this country’s wealth, power and security he can destroy, the more dictatorial he becomes.

He is against all things he has no understanding of and stands for all things he can demonize with popularity.

He refuses to acknowledge and respect all religions equally.

And what is most disturbing about his ideology, much of it ingrained in him by age 5, is all those who approve of his social justice anxieties will be unwittingly rewarded with the socialist lifestyle he is only too willing to empower upon them.

Michael J. Smajda

Harrisburg, formerly of Morrellville

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