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October 5, 2012

Readers' Forum 10-5 | Theft of grave-site flowers a heinous act


— Send a message – vote straight ticket

Americans who are disgusted by the national media’s shameless propagandizing of the re-election of a failed president need to send a clear message to the power brokers that the voters won’t get fooled again.

I am past the point of believing those who insist that this election is about race when it clearly is not.

I have observed the Democratic Party abandon its moral roots and our American heritage in exchange for a Machiavellian power grab using the crass, emotional appeal of wealth redistribution to their likely voters.

President Obama has spent $5 trillion in new debt since 2009, and the economy remains slumped in a depression. If federal spending is the solution to kick-start the economy, why hasn’t it ever worked before? Go figure.

If the wealthy turned over all their money to Obama and the Democrats, can one reasonably conclude that the economy would recover? Good grief.

Obama’s solution is that he needs more time for his policies to work. Four more years of the same old same old, I guess. Surely he jests.

Truth be told, the Democratic Party has been taken over by communists who pander for power.

’Nuff said. So what can you or I do to take our country back?

Send a powerful message to the left-wing power brokers by voting a straight Republican ticket.

That’s a vote that they can’t afford to ignore.

Dr. Bill Choby


Terminology only leads to confusion

Voter confusion about candidates’ positions on issues regarding jobs, education, health care, the tampering of elections through Citizens United, frackings long-term impact on human and environmental health, relationships with other countries and the propagation of coal as a healthy, clean energy, pales in comparison to American actor and stand-up comedian John Fugelsang’s quote. He says that “only in America can you be pro-death penalty, pro-war, pro-unmanned drone bombs, pro-nuclear weapons, pro-guns, pro-torture, pro-land mines and still call yourself ‘pro-life.’ ”

Our country is in need of a national glossary to sort facts from cultural myths and traditions in order to reduce voter confusion. Until that happens, voters beware of “pro-life” candidates whose platforms do not nourish life after birth.

Etta Albright


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