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October 5, 2012

Readers' Forum 10-5 | Theft of grave-site flowers a heinous act


— Romney everything we need in president                                                                          Anita Altman (Sept. 14, “Praying for America’s survival”) and I are both Democrats and Catholics but disagree. I do not support our radical, liberal party platform. The church teaches that it is a mortal sin to vote for a candidate such as Barack Obama, who promotes intrinsic evils such as abortion and sexual immorality.

Obama financed the Muslim Brotherhood, failed to heed warnings to protect our embassies and refused to meet the Israeli prime minister. Mitt Romney will lead with strength by supporting Israel and not appeasing Muslim extremists.

Not all scientists support the global warming theory. Radical environmentalism kills energy jobs. Obama wasted millions on bogus “green” projects and the oil industry of foreign governments but stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Romney’s common-sense approach protects the environment and creates jobs while making us energy independent. His business leadership helped companies such as Staples, Burger King and Domino’s Pizza.

As governor, Romney took no salary, did not raise taxes and balanced the budget. He served without pay as Salt Lake Olympics president, saving the games from debt and fraud.

A Mormon, Romney shares values with Christians. He is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and extremely charitable. He served as head of his church for four years without salary.

Romney’s vice presidential choice, Paul Ryan, a devout Catholic with a background in economics, shows Romney is serious about tackling our huge deficit and saving Medicare.

Obama’s financial policies are failures as shown by rampant unemployment, our $16 trillion debt and increasing poverty.

Gale Bala


Presidential campaign may get interesting

We’re into the dog days of October now, and the presidential campaign has been dull and uninspiring. Mostly just a bunch of accusations hurled at Mitt Romney, inevitably followed by retractions two days later. But things may be about to change.

One major issue which has been flying low is the much-disliked Obamacare and whether it may soon be rendered dead in the federal courts.

You may not be aware, but a Colorado judge recently ruled that any organization can opt out of Obamacare on the basis of genuine moral objection to abortion, birth control, etc. This includes churches, certain companies and nonprofits.

If this position is upheld, it will exempt many millions of employees from full coverage, and the entire plan will die from lack of revenue.

The Catholic church probably has the most to lose here. Its very existence is threatened by Obamacare. The devilish way the law was constructed requires that the church throw out 2,000 years of doctrine and take or pay (take abortion coverage or pay massive annual fines).

It is apparent that President Obama means to dictate the terms of Catholic existence, as well as that of Mormons and fundamentalist Protestants.

The tactics are going to get rough. Hundreds of lawyers are now involved and churches in many parts of the country are advocating for Obama’s defeat next month. Keep watching. It should get interesting.

Ron Hentz

Portage, Ind., formerly of Johnstown


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