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March 17, 2014

Readers' Forum 3-17 | Hope for removal from office

JOHNSTOWN — How much more are we willing to take from this egregious administration?

n A deadly health care scheme shoved down our throats.

n 24/7 surveillance in our lives.

n Systematic dismantling of America through regulations and red, blue, green, and who knows what other color tape.

n Decimating the military, dividing this country and bleeding our nation dry with the waste and fraud of big government.

To understand this, we have to see inside the bug-brained minions of bureaucracy who must keep filling their insatiable maw for power and control against us, and want us to believe their con job of authority beyond the Constitution.

It is now in plain site for all to see.

How did this happen? It’s the dimwit-ocrats who others voted for, silly – namely, one President Obama, the sycophant in chief.

The only hope and change left is removal from office.

Mark Fetsko


Target should’ve been smoking, not VFWs

In regard to Thomas Sabo’s column, “Beware the use of verbal irony.” His article was condescending toward the responses he received for his initial article, “Are VFWs promoting slow form of suicide?”

I comprehended his initial article. It was good to see that he is a veteran. However, had he been activated for combat duty during one of the so-called conflicts, etc., he might have adopted a different attitude regarding his definition of Veterans of Foreign Wars as only those vets who were in declared wars. Not all wars are declared. Politicians define war to whatever suits their needs.

Sabo should try to explain to family members and friends of a vet who was killed or wounded in action that their loved one was not in a war, only a conflict or police action.

Sabo appears to have an issue with smoking. Why not just attack smoking? He appears to be happy with Maryland VFWs because they do not allow smoking. Maryland does not allow smoking in any establishment, period. Smoking may eventually be abolished in all Pennsylvania establishments.

I know quite a few veterans as well as associate members of VFWs who do not smoke but still enjoy the VFW and what it stands for.

I believe we all are aware of the dangers associated with smoking, which is why smoke exhaust systems are installed in most VFWs and why smoking is prohibited during dining-related events.

Leave the VFW policies and procedures to people who care and understand what our VFWs stand for.

Kelly Coleman


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