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April 4, 2014

Readers' Forum 4-4 | Residents as much to blame as council

JOHNSTOWN — Several times a week, I peruse the Readers’ Forum and take in the words of various writers railing against our City Council regarding the perpetual torpor in which our city wallows.

This has caused me, recently, to recall our last election, an election in which I participated with great enthusiasm as I sensed a groundswell of disenchantment with the status quo. We had multiple write-in candidates, and this forum, as well as every coffee shop, tavern and social group, was bursting with promises that we would “vote the bums out.”

Then Election Day came, and not a single incumbent was voted out, not a single write-in candidate was voted in, and, most tellingly, something close to 75 percent of this city’s eligible voters didn’t even bother to rise from their lazy, apathetic posteriors to vote at all. This makes it reasonable to assume that 75 percent of the people reading this letter and 75 percent of the people who write in to this forum are as much to blame for the pathetic condition of this city as any current City Council member.

If the shoe fits ...

Emmanuel Goldstein


God laments while Satan laughs

Fifty years ago, we lived by God’s laws, and we were the strongest Christian country in the world. Satan and his followers hated that.

Man’s laws started to take over – get the Ten Commandments out of public places; remove the Bibles from public schools; approve same-sex marriage.

One by one, the states are giving in. Want to kill your baby? Man’s law says you can.

Just think, a kid is in a lot of trouble if he or she talks about God in a public school. Our school children are on the front lines of the culture war. There are groups that promote the redefinition of families and human relationships.

Hostility toward religion, morality and parental rights are encouraged in the classroom. Patricia Warren, who writes for The Advocate, a homosexual magazine, said, “Whoever captures the kids owns the future.” Because some things are being accepted by millions of people does not make them right. Millions of people followed Adolf Hitler, but that did not make him right.

Every time a law is passed that goes against the Ten Commandments or the Bible, it is like spitting on God and kissing the devil.

On one of her visits, the blessed mother warned of offenses against Christian modesty in unbecoming dress and behavior and all the foul seductions laid to ensnare the feet of the innocent and shocking blasphemies uttered against God and saints.

We have been offending God for many years, and we will suffer.

Stephen Porada

Richland Township

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