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April 15, 2014

Readers' Forum 4-15 | Can we survive constantly changing weather?

JOHNSTOWN — Does it matter if we believe in global warming? It is what it is, and we will die anyhow.

The earth is forever changing, and we’ve coped. We have survived earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts and locusts. Some people, and nations, will be devastated and others will persevere. Will our nation be richer or poorer?

Will we bail out storm and drought victims? Will food cost more? Shall we invest in new hopes or cling to the past? There will be challenges – wealth, poverty or ruin?

The doubt about climate change is its severity. Our parents knew a different place with different weather, and so will our children. We’ve compensated with wells, dams, pools, irrigation and air conditioners. Will they be enough?

Reservoirs are at a critical level. Some places are past desperate. World food reserves are at a 40-year low. Hurricanes wreck the coasts, droughts wilt crops and freak snowstorms suffocate cattle. Our ancestors survived the ’30s, but none speak for those who didn’t. Will we be in line when there’s not enough food?

Everyone was surprised at our crazy winter. The jet stream may continue to change. Will storms in Florida turn the state into a snake swamp? Carbon dioxide is turning the ocean acidic. Will overfishing kill it first?

Coal is disappearing regardless, unless fracking is outlawed. Pipelines are cheaper than trucking. Solar energy may end up cheapest. Every roof and the pavement may power your car – eventually.

We’re taking a crash course in survival. Will our decisions be our salvation or ruin? What’s our backup plan?

Robert Spencer


Wallet returned, with cash intact

I want to thank the person who returned my wallet with all the money inside it. The wallet was found outside Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center.

Elaine C. Boylan


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