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April 24, 2014

Readers' Forum 4-24 | Family touched by students' love, support

JOHNSTOWN — Students got up early on April 12 to walk to raise money for polio research. Let’s hear more about the good in the students and not just highlight the bad.

My family and I are so appreciative of the Greater Johnstown High School Interact Club, associated with the Rotary Club of Johnstown, which recognized the late Jim Kist and his plight with polio all of his life.

A form of polio, muscle paralysis, which Jimmy had in his legs, still exists and recently there have been numerous news reports of stricken children.

My parents and sisters, who attended the walk, were so touched by the love and support of the students, fellow teachers, friends and others to bring more awareness to this disease and try to raise

money for continued research and vaccines.

Hats off to these students who want to get involved with the community and help to build a better tomorrow.

Kathleen Kist-Bovaird

Midland, Ga., formerly of Johnstown

Obama’s failures, race can’t be linked

Greg Falvo’s article (“Alternative energy takes back seat to oil”) appropriately appeared on April Fool’s Day because it was, indeed, foolish.

Falvo continues to play the race card with respect to President Obama’s miserable failure as leader.

He first mentions alternative energy. What a short-term memory. Billions of dollars were given to green energy companies early in Obama’s first term. Virtually every single one failed. Cost to taxpayers: $414,000 per job created.

Also mentioned was the Republican attempt to suppress voting with ID laws. There have been delays in Obamacare because Obama is fearful that the new laws will cause Democrats to lose control of the Senate and increase Republican numbers in the House. Talk about trying to influence elections.

As of March 31, only 7 million people had signed up for Obamacare, with 30 million Americans still uninsured. Most Democrats running for re-election have distanced themselves from the president because of Obamacare.

Finally, Falvo mentions a Republican war on the poor. Obama’s policy has emphasized placing people on government assistance rather than job creation. Since 2008, 25 million more Americans are receiving government handouts, and the unemployment rate for young African-Americans stands at 32 percent. Disgraceful.

I’m tired of six years of black versus white, men versus women and gay versus straight. We are all Americans.

Obama’s popularity is at an all-time low, not because of his race, but because his domestic, economic, health care, energy and foreign policies have been a miserable failure.

John Skubak


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