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April 25, 2014

Readers' Forum 4-25 | Religious values are slipping away

JOHNSTOWN — I’ve held back my opinion on the latest school violence – stabbings, not a shooting. But with the April 17 front page article titled, “School violence studied,” I must put my feelings on the table.

I feel like Earl Pitts, a fictional character on radio, when he says, “Wake up, Uhmerika.” He always said that in jest, but I say it with the fear of God.

America must wake up. We took Jesus Christ out of the schools as well as our Capitol. What do you expect? Jesus Christ was taken out, so Satan moves in.

You can’t carry a Bible in our schools but the Quran, the so-called bible of Islam, is acceptable. Islamic extremists are the very people who killed 3,000 at the World Trade Center as well as thousands each year throughout the world.

Jesus Christ died on a cross for our sins as well as our salvation, and he arose on the third day. Buddha and Muhammad are dead, but their religions are acceptable. So why not Jesus Christ?

Keep it up, America. God will take his hand from the greatest country in the world, if he hasn’t already. Why? Because no longer do we except “In God We Trust.”

As for me and my family, we will serve the lord.

We don’t need anymore school violence studies. They’re just another waste of money. Try bending your knees in prayer.

Grant Shaffer


Words can be overused and misunderstood

If a person were to get paid by the word in a 15-minute segment, who do you think would make the most money?:

-- A politician? Possibly.

-- A salesman? Maybe.

-- The no-talent Kardashians? Not even close.

-- How about the meteorologists we see on TV? When they take up half of a 30-minute news program, my money would be on them.

What do you think when you hear the word entitlement?

-- A spoiled boy like Justin Bieber?

-- A spoiled girl like Lindsey Lohan?

-- The aforementioned Kardashians?

-- The many motorists we encounter on the roads every day?

Do these people have any idea what-soever what the words “stop” or “yield” mean?

Maybe all of them should take a course in elementary spelling.

They would be my answer.

R.T. Hirsch



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Tougher sentencing by the court system.
More police on the streets.

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