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February 25, 2013

Readers' Forum 2-25 | Economy, unemployment in crosshairs

Submitted by Readers

— Given the way President Obama attempts to scare everybody into going along with his radical plans, maybe he should pursue a career in horror movies.

Recently speaking of the impending sequestration and its forced budget cuts, Obama mentioned a “manufactured crisis.” Yes, the crisis is manufactured. And this crisis, like many other alleged crises that we have encountered over the past few years, has been manufactured by Obama and Company in an effort to terrify the public into either demanding or going along with some immediate, far-reaching action to avert a purported imminent disaster.

In November 2011, the president stated he would veto any attempt to eliminate the automatic cuts. Now, he says the cuts must not take place. The president tells us of the travails that will befall the nation if sequestration cuts go into effect.

In fact, to a great extent, the specific cuts will be determined by the executive branch of government.

That means Obama.

People of Obama’s leftist ideology typically do not like the idea of the United States having a strong military, so he wouldn’t have a problem with the military cuts. But any cuts that will withhold treats from his government dependency base and cuts that would affect his ability to continue with his expensive government expansion are the ones he is concerned about.

Regardless of sequestration-type cuts, a damaged economy and increased unemployment are on the way as the full consequences of the true disaster that is Obamacare come to fruition.

August Gatto


For those who work, tax credits for gas

Gas prices keep rising, people struggle to fill their tanks so they can go to work, and this is not counting needing gas to do shopping, doctors appointments, etc.

The government gives tax breaks to those with dependent children – they receive extra money. People who make less money receive food stamps and medical help. But if you have a job, you either make too much or you do not have children and medical coverage is expensive.

I am not against helping others, but those who work need to be healthy, need to eat and also need money to pay for gas to go back and forth to work, especially those who have no bus service.

My suggestion is to give those who work a tax credit for the amount it costs them to go to and from work. And tax breaks for those who do not have dependent children. We all are suffering these days,  some worse than others. We need to support the working poor, and not for just those who itemize or those who use vehicles for business.

Sadie Graham


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