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October 3, 2012

Readers' Forum 10-3 | Making Strides event making a difference


Voters must decide: Truth or lies?                                                                                                 The political arena is filled with lies, half-truths, misinformation and false accusations.

“When we say or do things we do not believe to keep a job or position, (it) is the worst kind of lie.” – Author Andy  Andrews

How capable are you of discerning a lie from the truth? Are you subject to pure emotions, or can you be objective? Do you believe a lie when it’s directed at your own self-interest?

America is at a crossroad. Divisiveness is rampant – there is class warfare; freedom of speech and religion are under attack; people with different opinions are being accused of hatred and racism (often the person making the accusation is guiltier than the one being accused).

Should we be more concerned with the rich, or with how the government spends/wastes our money?

Do you want energy independence or continued dependency? What happened to America, the land of opportunity? Since when is wealth evil?

It’s time to stop, think, listen and look (action is the proof of one’s true intent) before you vote. A dictator once said: “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.”

This November, the voters will decide which road America takes – the one to a free enterprise/free America, or the one to a socialist/government-controlled America.

Are you really better off today than you were four years ago? Think and consider the outcome of your vote on America and its children’s future.

May God forgive America.

Robert C. Nagyvathy


Writers are confused about what they want

After a week of reading disturbing letters on The Tribune-Democrat’s editorial page, I feel compelled to respond.

There seems to be a major disconnect in some of the arguments being made in this forum. Some letters profess the absolute sanctity of life, but only in the form of fertilized eggs until birth. At the same time, they rail against struggling Americans who need extra help. Do babies born to mothers who cannot afford to raise that child deserve the social welfare benefits you claim to despise? You know, you can be compassionate while maintaining conservative values (search it online, it’s called “compassionate conservatism”).

Other letters claim that President Obama threatens our freedom, citing evidence such as his alleged affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, or some other claim about the United States going to hell in a handbasket because these are “the consequences of rejecting God.”

President Obama is a Christian – get over it. (Not that it matters in a nation where we are free to choose whether or not we want to participate in an organized religion.)

If you like your freedom so much, what right do you have to impose your beliefs about religion on an entire nation?

It seems like the conservative base professes one thing about doing God’s work – maintaining freedom, etc. – but doesn’t actually put those declarations into action.

It makes for a country in jeopardy and an argument full of holes.

I am not particularly religious, but really – what would Jesus do?

Laura Karosic


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