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April 19, 2013

Readers' Forum 4-19 | Who would you trust with your child's life?

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JOHNSTOWN — President Obama’s gun-banners admit their proposals wouldn’t prevent any mass murders such as Sandy Hook. Then why?

Obama says he will not take anyone’s guns away, but he lies. Considering his Communists roots, gun registration leading to confiscation seems the most plausible explanation.

Using tragedies for political purposes is despicable and the usual emotional knee-jerk solves nothing and keeps no one safe.

Other countries have confiscated legal weapons and mass murders still happen.

What would work? Answer this: Would Sandy Hook have ended better if the police arrived ahead of the shooter or, as usually happens, after the killing is over to count bodies and investigate? Clearly, disarming honest citizens is not done to promote public safety but to promote a political tactic historically used by every tyrannical government in its drive to enslave its populace.

Common sense and experience has shown that an armed policeman or other trained individual on site has a greater potential for saving lives. And as we have seen, a person with a knife can inflict the same type of mayhem, so the tool is not the real problem.

Who will you trust to actually care about your children: An administration that believes our children belong to them, the state, and not the parents and that also supports killing babies that survive abortions or a policeman in a school? My money is on the policeman.

And to Nanny Bloomberg and his cronies: Stay out of my business.

Barry W. Billings


Outsiders are ruining our city

Take down the billboards and stop wasting the state’s tax dollars. Not only does Johnstown Housing Authority invite drug dealers, but people from other states come here.

Example: A family moves into a neighborhood. Then come relatives, friends and ex-spouses. No one works, they rely on Supplemental  Security Insurance and welfare.

The children destroy the property. The house, a once-beautiful home, now looks run-down.

These groups have moved into Hornerstown, Moxham, Oakhurst, Coopersdale and West End. Bet you there are more, just look around.

What do you want – a city or a welfare city? It’s time to stop raping Pennsylvania and get jobs for the people who will work. Let the others go back where they came from.

Sharon Miller


Traffic controller has differing opinion

When the tractor-trailer is sliding toward you and you have no idea where it will finally stop, no idea if you will be able to make it to dinner that night with your family, or if you will even see tomorrow, one wonders why the editorial board would oppose another safety measure that might have just saved my life.

I have worked as a traffic controller on roadway construction projects for 15 years. The above situation has happened all too often. The work-area signs, posted speed limits and even a flashing reader board don’t do enough to slow down traffic.

The editorial board should rethink its opinion about installing speed cameras in construction zones. If someone is guilty of speeding through a work zone, why would it be any different if a trooper or local police officer issues a ticket or if a speed camera does it? If the police had the manpower and could sit at each construction work zone and reduce the speed, fellow workers and I would be much safer.

We all know that police do not have the manpower to be at each work zone at all times. If a local government makes a buck because a driver is caught breaking the law, then so be it.

If someone is speeding through a work zone and endangering workers’ lives, they should get that ticket, no matter what the method of detection may be.

Nora Adams


Communists are out to destroy Catholics

Recently, another Catholic priest made the front-page headlines, at the top of the page where no one could possibly miss it.

Of course, in the eye of the media and the world, a Catholic priest is always assumed guilty unless later proven innocent.

Everyone with any common sense knows that human nature is human nature and does not belong to any particular religion or ethnic group. And as far as fallen human nature goes, same comment.

On one occasion last year, I read that a Protestant minister was accused of sexual abuse of a minor. It was a very short article, buried in the middle of the paper where the media was hoping no one would see it. Why the difference?

We remember how a Russian leader once boasted that they would bury us from within. Is not all this a part of their plan, part of which is to destroy the Catholic church, their No. 1 enemy?

If the communists are not behind this, then some other evil entity has taken over their agenda. They have gained control of the media and have had much success in undermining the morals of our country.

The devil, the world and the media hate the Catholic church. Satan is a clever strategist. He knows who to get to do his bidding.

Richard A. Ruth


Gun-law statistics tell the story

Do gun control laws reduce violent crime? I did a little research.

The 10 states with the highest (“best”) score from the Brady Campaign for their gun-control laws had an average homicide rate of 4.1 per 100,000 population in 2010. The 16 states with the worst Brady scores averaged 4.0. (Due to an eight-state tie in Brady score, it was not possible to identify the bottom 10.)

What is really striking is to compare the murder rates for the same states 50 years earlier, in 1960, when there were relatively few gun-control laws at all.

The murder rate for the same 10 “good” Brady-score states was 3.05 – so during the next half century their homicide rate increased by about one-third, as more and more gun restrictions were imposed.

The murder rate for the 16 “bad” Brady score states was 8.2, so their rate fell by a factor of two, despite their failure to pass enough gun-control laws to satisfy the Brady Campaign.

Any questions?

My sources are: and

Allan Walstad



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